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Does Minecraft Improve

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on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of Does Minecraft Improve

Tianze believes that Minecraft will not improve memory of the participants because he had been taught that video games are bad for your health and will ruin your concentration. He also believed that it will not help improve your memory because since that you are so concentrated on the game, you might forget about "everything". Thomas believes that Minecraft will improve your memory because you have to memorize some things in Minecraft.
Craft the Brain
We believe that our Challenge is based on Health since this project requires on how the brain works.
This question came to us because we thought that some video games could be useful for memorizing. For example, if you had a test, and played Minecraft, it might help your memory! We used it to test memory because in Minecraft, you have to memorize crafting recipies, so we thought that Minecraft might help the memory.
The purpose of this project is to see if Minecraft had an affect on the memory.
We decided to do Minecraft because it is
a game that people play a lot.
Tianze believes that Minecraft will not improve the memory of the participants because he thought that it will ruin your concentration. On the other hand, Thomas believes that Minecraft will improve the participant's memory because in Minecraft, as we said before, you have to memorize crafting recipies
Experimental Procedure
Step 1: Let participant play a card memory game.
Step 2: Let them send their time to us.
Step 3: Let participants play 30 minutes of Minecraft.
Step 4: Do the same card game with the same rules.
Step 5:Record the results
1. 20 People
2. Computer
3. Cards
Independent - Playing Minecraft
Dependent - How long each participant takes to complete the card game.
Controlled- Same amount of time played, the same room, the same noise level, the same amount of light

Trial 1
Card Game Website
Trial 2
Average Time: 3:40
Average Improvement: 1:26
Average Time: 3:30
Average Improvement: 0:08
Trial 3
Average Time: 1:44
Average Improvement: 0:54
As we see, there were more people who got a worse time than better. After seeing this evidence, we now know that Tianze's hypothesis was right. We believe that this happened because the participants were so distracted playing Minecraft that they couldn't concentrate.
Like we said before, Tianze was right and that there were more people that had a worse second time than their first. Some sources of error could have been that some people might have been doing things that they weren't supposed to do. Some examples are fighting instead of crafting, they were asking friends
for tools and other things, they weren't listening to
us, and some friends helped their friends on the card game. If we were to do this again, we would make sure that the participants will listen to us AND that we would seperate each participant as well as we can.
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