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Carmine Lappano

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

W. A. Mozart
1756-1791 The Classical Era-

Mozart was regarded as one of the best, and most remembered musicians of the classical era Mozart's works Mozart's Sacred (Religious) Music Operas Mozart's Instrumental Music Salieri taking dictation of Mozart's music- as depicted in the film Amadeus
(not historically accurate) Mozart vs Salieri??? Mozart's prolific output and death Mozart moves to Vienna Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.. Mozart's first symphony Mozart's travels was born in 1756, in Salzburg, Austria. He was born to a very highly regarded violin teacher named Leopold Mozart. Since Wolfgang was exposed to music at such a young age because of his father, Mozart began to write his first compositions as young as 5 years old. Some historians say that he wrote his first symphony when he was 8, and his first opera when he was 11. What were you writing at age 5? Mozart was a true musical "prodigy". Since music came so easy for young Wolfgang, he was taken all around Europe to perform for very important people (royalty, aristocracy) along with his sister.
They dazzled people by performing incredible musical acts showing their amazing talents. It is said that Mozart was able to memorize music at one hearing, and play it back perfectly, no matter how complex it was. not bad for an 8 year old, huh? Mozart moved to Vienna when he was in his mid 20's, mostly because he did not want to live under his employer in Salzburg. Remember, like Bach, Mozart was a servant as a musician. He felt he was above that, so he left his secure job and worked as a freelance musician in Vienna. Vienna was a very popular place for music culture, and Mozart was well regarded. He did not have too much success though, struggling to make a living as a freelance musician. During this time, he got married and had children. Probably never happened, but it could have... and its really funny Mozart wrote several pieces of music, throughout his whole life. He especially wrote a lot while living in Vienna. When he died, he had over 600 compositions to his credit, and he was only 35 when he passed away. In 1791, Mozart died, not having completed one of his most famous works, the Requiem.

There is a story about him having composed one of the sections of this work, by having it dictated by Salieri. Some even suggest that Salieri would have tried to take the piece and pawn it off as his own. Most historians do not believe this to be anything but fiction. -several Masses, including the Requiem Mass
-sacred songs Like Handel, Mozart wrote many, many operas which are still performed today:

-The Magic Flute
-Don Giovanni
-The Marriage of Figaro Mozart was an expert with all the instruments, writing hundreds of compositions:

-concertos for piano, flute, clarinet, french horn
-symphonies (40 of them)
-chamber music (string quartets, wind octets)
-sonatas for violin, piano and other instruments
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