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Geothermal Power

Alexis Stanley and Aubrey Kerr Integrated Science project

Alexis Stanley

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Geothermal Power

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Alexis Stanley
Aubrey Kerr Geothermal Power Geothermal Energy is thermal energy generated and stored in the Earth.
20% comes from the original formation of the planet
80% comes from radioactive decay of minerals Geothermal Energy: Geothermal power plants have proven to be high efficient. In the world, about 10,715 megawatts of thermal power is used in 24 countries, and 28 gigawatts of direct geothermal heating
is being used. Efficiency: Geothermal power plants have several different manufacturers in the world. There are 36 in China, 4 in the United States, 3 in Indonesia, 3 in Turkey and several others throughout the world. Manufacturers: Development: Geothermal energy power plants are worthwhile. Geothermal power is cost effective, reliable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. There are several successful investments on infrastructures. The resources are easy to access. The science behind the power plants is sound. And I believe that we should pursue in this energy because it is so successful and environment friendly. Opinions: In the US, the initial cost for the field and power plant is around $2500 per installed kW, and probably $3000 to $5000/kWe for a small power plant. As well as operating and maintenance costs range from $0.01 to $0.03 per kWh Cost: At the core of the Earth, thermal energy is created by radioactive decay that creates intense heat. The heat conducts from the core to the surrounding rock causing magma. The magma heats water in the Earth's crust, causing hot springs. Finally, the hot springs are where we draw our geothermal
energy to generate into electricity. Science behind it: Legislation: There are stable geothermal energy infrastructures in about 24 countries in the world, having the capacity of about 10,710 megawatts. Infrastructure: Some technologies that use geothermal power are dry steam power plants, binary cycle power plants and flash steam power plants. Inputs, Outputs and Transformations: Works Cited

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"What Is Geothermal Energy? Can It Be Utilized in Your Home?" What Is Geothermal
Energy? N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Sept. 2012. <http://www.alternative-energy-resources.net/whatisgeothermalenergy.html>. exploration and reconnaissance- determine if there is a geothermal spot
pre-feasibility- chemical analysis
feasibility- fluid sampling
detailed design and construction- construction and drilling
operations and maintenance- providing geothermal energy Clean Air Act (CAA)- legislation of clean air quality
Noise Control Act (NCA)- legislation of noise control
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