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Welcome to 7th Grade Science

No description

normalee moreno

on 3 August 2018

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Transcript of Welcome to 7th Grade Science

MMS Rules and Expectations
1. Be in assigned seat ready to work
when the tardy bell rings.
2. Bring materials needed for class.
3. Respect rights, feelings, and property
of others.
4. Gum, food and drinks are NOT
allowed in class.
5. Follow the teacher’s directions and
all rules in the Raider Handbook.
Procedures are a part of life. Procedures tell you what's expected.
There are procedures in this classroom too.

Procedure for entering and beginning my class.
Enter the room quietly and WALK in, don’t run.

Check for any handouts on the tray , get YOUR notebook and SIT DOWN. (do not hang out or waste time)

Welcome to 7th Grade
Tx Tech Raiders !!!

We are excited to be your teachers !!!
Be Prepared Everyday

Have your notebook and something to write with everyday. No graffiti is allowed on the notebook.
If you were absent, check the
“ABSENT?” hanging folders , for your perod, by the door for any missed work. Check with one of your classmates for help or see me after class or after school if you have any questions
I want
100 %
anytime I'm instructing.
This also applies when any of you are presenting or addressing the class. You are to TRACK the speaker at all times.

You will be given 4 bathroom passes per quarter. Anytime you need to go I will sign one of your passes. Once you use these, you do not get anymore. Any pass not used is worth 10 extra credit points. Turn in any unused points before the quarter is over.

You must also sign out to leave the room using the school’s bathroom log. Sign your name, date, time you leave and time you return. Failure to do this may keep you from leaving the classroom

DO NOT get ready to leave early. Clean up and put all materials away only AFTER you have been given instructions to do so . You and your partner will take turns putting all materials away for the day, including trash.
Notebooks NEVER get put away before the bell.

You will need the following EVERYDAY:
- 1 composition notebook
-Pen or Pencil- used everyday
- folder with pockets
1st = orange 6th= yellow
2nd= dark blue 7th= red
3rd=green 9th= light blue

Getting Your
Enter quietly.

: Hand your excuse to me. Pick up your notebook ,have a seat and take out your materials and begin the assignment .

: Sign the tardy form on the clipboard . Make sure you sign your complete name and the date under the # tardy that you are on. Stay after class to speak to me , after the 3rd one you will receive your date and time
for detention to be served
What WE will learn this year
in Science
Body Systems
Food Webs
Living in Space
Genetics &
Weathering &
Get all of your forms filled out and brought back ASAP. Complete interest inventory.

The platypus is one of 2 mammals that
lay eggs. What's the other mammal?

Following these procedures will keep you from driving Mrs. Moreno crazy and keep you out of detention. Its a Win, win.
Immediately begin reading the board for the objective and complete the Science Starter.
Please do NOT ask to go to the bathroom during teacher instruction, wait until you begin independent work and use the code for going to the bathroom.
Remain at your assigned seat until the bell rings and you are dismissed by me. If the bell rings while I’m talking , wait until I finish talking and officially dismiss you .
On your way out WALK to put
notebooks away Neatly and
do NOT run out of the door.
Homework !
Which set of equipment would be used to measure the boiling point of a liquid
A. beaker, hot plate, thermometer
B. beaker, balance, thermometer
C. beaker, stopwatch, balance
D. beaker, stopwatch, tongs

This is a Digital Classroom and a BYOD class. We will use devices this year BUTfor learning purposes only!!
So..... NO texting or off task phone usage in class. Your device WILL be confiscated.
. Moreno
Mrs. Mora- Math/Team Leader/ Dept. Chair
Mrs. Leal-Garcia- ELA / Dept. Chair
Mrs. Johnson- ELA
Ms. Limon- Math
Ms. Maldonado-Math
Mrs. Moreno - Science / Dept. Chair
Mr. Perez - Social Studies

Team Conference
8th pd. 2:10 -2:55

* If you use pencils, sharpen them
the tardy bell rings or during independent work time.
Use the signal for sharpening
pencils during class.
I'm so cool
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