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coach acton

eduardo portillo

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of project

by Eduardo Portillo
Arturo Garcia
William Henson Causing Stress lesson 1 the first lesson is about what causes stress so a stressor, is what its called. this relates to the lesson by a stessor. in this song is school how its stressing the students by homework drama, projects teachers and school work. also how the first song called schools out. schools out is about no more teachers like its over, that there is no more school or homework or projects to worry about. this relates to the lesson because the song has a stressor and the stressor in this song is school. school is a stressor because it causes stress by homework and projects. second song is called eye of the tiger its about a man under pressure for the big thing thats about to happened. this relates to the lesson by a man being under preasure.The stressor is the big event thats about to happen so thats causin him stress. lesson 2
song is we are the champions its about a good feeling being a champion and it cause it managing stress cause the have a happy feeling. this song relate to lesson 2 because they have a good stress being a champion.
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