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Cell Analogy Project

No description

ayanni bryant

on 3 February 2017

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Transcript of Cell Analogy Project

Cell Membrane
The Cell membrane acts as the Plant cell's security.

It controls what gets to enter and exit the cell.
I would compare the cytoplasm to the floor and the walls to the Cytoskeleton in SCHS. The floor basically holds everything together.just like it does inside of a plant cell
Cell Wall
The Vacuole would be like a large storage closet that holds school supplies. just like in a plant cell except that it holds water
Endoplasmic Reticulum
you could easily compare the ER to the hallways of SCHS. They use "hallways" to give or receive information. Think of UPS. they package info and give it to the post office (Golgi Bodies) to deliver the package.
Ayanni Bryant
4th Block
Cell Analogy Project

Just Like how South Cobb has police officers to keep students safe by looking out for non-students
Plant Cell
The Cell wall is like the structure of SCHS. This is what gives the Cell it's own unique shape!
A Plant Cell is like South Cobb High School. Everything that is inside the school is kinda similar to a plant cell
I would compare the Chloroplast to the Solar panels of the school.

Reason why is because in a plant cell the Chloroplast uses the sun to make its own food so it can survive. just like in a school when we use the solar panels for electricity...
Golgi Bodies
Golgi Bodies are the ones that transfer the "packages". Just like in SCHS we have a mail room. So someone comes by and takes the mail to the teacher that will receive the "package"
The Nucleus would act as the main office. in a plant cell the Nucleus (main office) would tell what the other parts of the cell what to do.
And last but not least....
Ribosomes act as the snack machine at SCHS because it produces proteins for the cell, just like snacks produce proteins for students
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