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Memory Power for everyone

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saira rashid

on 29 August 2014

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Transcript of Memory Power for everyone

Q: How to Make yourself Smarter?
Ans: By knowing the best ways to use you Brain.
By Knowing about:
a: The Thinking Modes
b: Memory Types
c: Memory Trick

Thinking Modes:
Our brain is always in either of the two thinking modes:
Focused Mode
Diffuse Mode
Focused Mode
Our brain is in focused mode when we are focusing or concentrating on something either to learn or to do any other job. It is a very narrow-path type of mode where we are only accessing a specific pattern/memory in brain.
One of the best ways to focus is the ‘
’ technique.
But Focusing is really difficult :(
How to Focus?
The Pomodoro
is a timing technique that can really help to focus for a period of time. It includes the following steps:
1) setting a timer for 25 minutes,
2) switching off all the interruptions,
3) focus on what the person wants to study,
4) to set a reward for yourself
This technique is best for everyone who needs to concentrate on one thing at one time.
Diffuse Mode
is about looking at the big picture in more relaxed way or trying to think innovatively or accessing data in the brain and processing it from a broader perspective.
it includes relaxing the brain when you need to understand new concepts.
Both of these modes are equally important, one can never think of saying that only focused mode can help me accomplish my task or only diffuse mode can help me think creatively.
In Order to succeed one must use both the mode, alternatively.
Memory Types
just like a modern computer our brain also have two types of memory to store our thoughts, memories etc.
Short Term Memory
Long Term Memory
like a computer RAM
like a computer Hard drive
Short Term Memory
is the working memory, having limited number of slots, just like a computer RAM. It can store and process data for some time but when you shutdown the computer even once, all the data will be lost. Exactly same thing happens with the brain. if you don't store the data in long term memory, your data will be lost eventually.
in other words we can say it is a memory to store the current status of the thoughts in brain.
Long Term Memory
is the Hard drive of the brain, to store the information permanently. so that whenever the information is needed, it can be accessed by the RAM of the brain and processed.
the only difference between computer hard drive and our long term memory is that we cannot easily store data onto it, we have a work a little hard to accomplish this task.
How to store data in long term memory?
Most affective way to accomplish this is:
Space Repetition:
It means the information that you have gathered in focused mode by pomodoro or any other data, keep recalling/repeating it, not in one study session, but over a period of time and do this at different locations from where you initially studied it. This practice will make it easy to retrieve any data from long term memory at any time.
Important Notes:
Make sure to get enough sleep before an exam, because it helps you retrieve data from long term memory easily.
Studying one day before exam will never help, it will only save the concepts in short term memory. which will not be there the next day.
Memory Power Trick
Although there are many powerful techniques to memorize things, but we are going to talk about only one. This technique can be really helpful to memorize lists to items.
The imaginary Link
The Imaginary Link
is an extremely powerful tool to memorize a long list of unrelated items. how long? doesn't really matter.
It includes imaginary linking the first object in list with second and so on, the funnier the link, the better the results.
let's say you want to memorize a list of following items:
This is not a long list but you can make it as long as you want.
Imagine a giant football in the Center of field and all the players trying to hit it but can't move it because its just too Big.
Imagine this scenario clearly
Step 1:
Step 2:
Now Imagine that suddenly that giant football becomes a tomato and all the players, who were trying to hit it, turned red because they hit the tomato.
Step 3:
An elephant came from nowhere and also hit the tomato and the poor tomato got smashed badly.
ohh it is not an ordinary elephant, like fifa cup it is golden, oh wait, it has gold coins all around its skin. wow it is so beautiful.
Step 4:
it is funny but this way you will never forget it. keep imagining.
Step 5:
Gold coins O_O. OMG
you want to buy a car and you asked your dad to give you money and he gave you gold coins. now you are going to buy a golden car.
sometimes there seems no relation b/w objects but you can always come up with an alternative.
Step 6:
OMG, someone broke the glass of your new car with a rod. A big rod and you couldn't do anything. you are so sad, it was your new car.
Step 7:
you somehow managed to get that rod, and now you are so angry that you want to break his car with the same rod and you even sleep with that rod on your bed facing you all night.
where do you sleep? on the
Step 8:
you were sleeping on your bed, when someone came to you room with breakfast. and you were so happy that you got breakfast in bed. but the Egg in the plate was not cooked at all. ooh no how you are going to eat it???
Step 9:
you just dropped your expensive mobile phone into the uncooked egg's plate. ooo your mobile phone smells like egg now

Step 10:
The next moment your mobile becomes and airplane and started flying like the movie Transformers.
Step 11:
remember the last time you traveled in plane, and the beautiful hostess wearing a skirt asked you if you need cook or juice?
Step 12:
now imagine that the football players, who were hitting the giant football were wearing some kind of skirts. and it was so funny to see them that way
here the idea is to link the last item with the first so that, you don't have to remember the first item. now whenever you need this list try to remember any single item and you will easily be able to get all other items
Let's try to recall the list
lets start with your car
what happened to your car?
Got broken by a rod
what were you doing with rod?
sleeping on your Bed
what happened when you woke up?
Egg breakfast
what did you do with egg?
dropped your mobile into it
your mobile turned into?
who was in the airplane?
air hostess with skirt
who else were wearing skirt?
football players hitting giant football
what became of football?
who smashed tomato?
elephant was wearing?
golden coins
with golden coins you bought?
a golden car
what happen to your car?
got broken by rod
so this is how you can use this trick to impress your friends or relatives or teachers.
as mentioned earlier the number of items does not matter, you can use this method with more than 100 items just by going through it twice or thrice, you will never forget it.
Memory Power for everyone
she was wearing a

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