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The Life of Stephen Curry

No description

Danny Basketball

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of The Life of Stephen Curry

The Start
Stephen Curry was born in March 14, 1988 in Akron, Ohio. The son of Sonya and Dell Curry. He has siblings with the names of Seth, Sydel, and Will Curry. Stephen is the oldest of all of his siblings. The nickname he was called was Steph but is still called today.
The Life of Stephen Curry
For Stephen, it was a very hard time him to get into college because people thought that he was too small and wasn't that talented. But luckily, he applied to Davidson College with a full scholarship. In his junior year Stephen lead his team to almost the Elite Eight in March Madness. Once he showed what he had to the world, coaches were trying to find out how to stop him.
The Draft
After Stephen ended his Junior year in college, he entered the NBA draft. On June 25, 2009, Steph got drafted in the 1st draft and 7th overall to the Golden State Warrors. tons of Stephen Curry fans were very happy because his dad Dell Curry was in the NBA for 16 years and wanted to see Steph get drafted.
Running the Offense
In the NBA, Stephen was know for his offesive skills and also his ball handling skills. His fieldgoal percentage is .465. His 3-point percentage is .446. His freethorw percentage is .901. His points per game average is 19.2. his assist average is 6.1. Stephen has amazing ball-handling skills with especially crossovers, and one time on a fast break he was one on one with a guy and made an in and out crossover to break his ankles but not literaly its just a saying but it totaly embarrased the player
The Awards
Throughout the years Steph has won many awards in the pros and also college. He has won the NBA All-Rookie First Team (2010), the NBA Skills Challenge champion (2011), the NBA Sportsmanship Award (2011), the NBA free-throw percentage leader (2011), the Consensus first team All-American (2009), the Consensus second team All-American (2008), the 2× SoCon Player of the Year (2008–2009), the FIBA World Championship Gold 2010 Turkey Team competition, and the FIBA U19 World Championship Silver 2007 Novi Sad Team competition.
Shooting From Downtown
When Curry was drafted to the Warriors, he was known for his 3-point shooting in college so they were expecting him to be a great shooter from downtown. In his rookie season, he had a .437 from the arch, his secon season he was .442 from the arch, his third season he was .455, and his fourth season he was .453. In his 2012-2013 season, He lead the Warriors to a great regular season from his threes for them able to go to the playoffs. In t he second round they sadly went out of the playoffs.
Before College
When Steph was a born in Ohio, they moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. Kid his Dad was already playing basketball so he was already into the game. The school he went to before high school was called Montessori. After Montessori, Stephen went to Charlotte Christian for high school. When he was in high school he played on his school's high school .
Steph lead his team in 2012-2013 to many win but some losses. His points and assist to wins in the regular season to the playoffs. The first round they played the Denver neggets won the series 4-2 almost going to game seven. His team had so much confidence going on the court every game
The Chemstry
When Steph went to the Warriors he had a great chemisrty with Monta Ellis now on the Mavericks. But something fatal happened to Monta that changed the Warriors. Monta had been traded the the Milwakee Bucks. Steph already had chemistry with Diavid Lee before Monta was traded and still does. Steph was very divistated but moved on. New people came to the Warriors like Klay Thompson and Andrew Bogut. Steph became great friends with Klay and Andrew. All the player had a great friendship and went to the playoff and had a great time.
One of Steph's siblings was a brother named Seth. They were like best friends. Soon Seth got drafted to the WARRIORS! Everybody was freaking out and going crazy. After Seth played a couple games he sadly we down to the D-League. After a couple games of that the Memphis Grizzlies drafted Seth and made it to the NBA.
Social Media
If there was no social media Steph would not have been where he is at right now. This year he was voted for the NBA All-Star game so many times by different people that he is now going to start in All-Star weekend with four other great players

Under Armor
Before the 2013-2014 basketball season Steph made a huge anouncement that he had signed with Underarmor. It is a win-lose situation because the win part is that he maybe has no more ankle injuries ever again and the lose situation is that when the games started in the regular season, Steph didn't make as many three-pointers and shooting choices.
Magic of 2012-2013
During the 2012-2013 lots of magical things happened for Steph. He beat the record for making the most Three-Pointer in a regular season beating Ray Allen of the Miami Heat. No only that but making the playoffs for the first time in a long time. They first beat the Nuggets and then lost to the Spurs and later the Spurs lossing a Championship in game seven.
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