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Hrvoje Cindric - CV + Portfolio Feb 2013

I have created an on-line version of my CV and a snapshot of my Portfolio, learning to use the Prezi software. Hope you like it and find it interesting.

hrvoje cindric

on 23 March 2014

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Transcript of Hrvoje Cindric - CV + Portfolio Feb 2013


MA.UD | BA(Hons) | MRTPI | UDG
hrvoje cindrić
I love playing Basketball and American Football and watching Football


I was born and raised in Germany
I have always been fascinated with cities
and as a kid loved sim city :)
Kepler Gymnasium | Tübingen | Germany | Sep1989 - Jun1999
Major Subjects - Mathematics | English | History | Physical Education
Minor Subjects - Biology | Geography | Sociology | German | Philosophy and Ethics | Fine Arts
Abitur (German equivalent to A-levels/Baccalaureate)

Oxford Brookes University | Joint Centre
for Urban Design | UK | Sep 2002-Nov 2003
Master of Arts in Urban Design
MA in Urban Design with diploma and certificate in Urban Design. I took additional postgraduate
modules in Planning in order to meet the requirements for full RTPI recognition of my course.
My Masters thesis was written on the implementation of major interventions within existing urban
fabrics, in the context of globalisation. I undertook a study of major new transport nodes and their
impact on cities, with a case study on the ‘Euralille’ TGV station in Lille, France.
Oxford Brookes University| School of Planning | UK | Sep1999 - May2002
I am Croatian, and most
people know me as Havoy
I have a strong interest in design and architecture
I am very interested in international affairs, anthropology, human geography and history
Bachelor (Hons) Town & Country Planning
Modules completed include planning law, European planning, transport planning, sociology, and in conjunction with the specialisation pathway in year 2 and 3 various urban design modules. In addition I took an optional Spanish course for 1 year.
My BA dissertation was written on the achievability of the concept of the compact city in urban redevelopments. I examined two case studies (Greenwich Millennium Village | London | UK and French Quarter | Tübingen | Germany) which aim to contribute to compact, sustainable cities.
Al Falah Town Centre
Urban Design
• I am a very proficient user of the complete Microsoft Office Package
• I am a confident and experienced Presenter and Communicator
• I am a highly skilled user of Adobe Creative Suite and various AutoCad packages
• I am an accomplished SketchUp and 3d Studio Max user
• I am a basic Prezi user
• I have basic freehand sketching skills
• I am fluent in English, German and Croatian, both written and orally. I am am a competent French speaker, with basic Spanish language skills
I was part of a multidisciplinary team and worked on projects of varying detail within a medium sized, privately owned statutory planning consultancy.
My tasks and responsibilities included preparing planning statements and designs for small to medium scale developments. I was responsible for writing development appraisals, giving advice in urban design matters, preparing and designing regeneration schemes and liaising with individual private clients and planning authorities. I prepared planning applications and wrote planning and appeal statements. In addition, I produced plans and sketches to assist senior colleagues’ projects.
I worked on a wide variety of projects within multidisciplinary teams, ranging from small urban regeneration interventions to large scale Greenfield master planning projects, for both private and public sector clients. Although based in London and primarily involved in UK projects, I also worked on various projects in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and China.
In addition to my design work, I wrote reports, undertook site analyses, gave presentations and participated in public consultation events and was involved in business development. I developed strong skills in graphic design, desktop publishing documents and producing promotional and exhibition materials.
My tasks and responsibilities included client liaison, mentoring graduate designers and managing small projects. I received excellent client feedback and several commendation awards, most notably for my delivery of a regeneration project in the North-East.
KEO | Abu Dhabi | UAE
Urban Designer & Planner
I worked as an Urban Designer and Planner on a variety of projects in Abu Dhabi and the wider region, such as large residential and touristic developments, seeing the projects through from design concept to implementation. I also worked extensively on a planning study analysing the provision of community facilities within 5 districts of Abu Dhabi city.
In addition, I was involved in business development and prepared marketing material and studies, which I presented to potential clients, that I identified. I also mentored junior staff and have initiated and conducted internal training sessions.
Broadway Malyan | Abu Dhabi | UAE
Associate Urbanism
During my time with Broadway Malyan I was responsible for the successful delivery of a 200 hectare town centre masterplan for an overall community of 50,000 Emirati residents on the Abu Dhabi mainland. I coordinated a diverse team of external and internal professionals, whilst at the same time leading the masterplanning and design work-streams of the development.
I was also working on various other masterplanning and place making projects. This included large residential, mixed-use and commercial development, masterplanning review and feasibility studies on various prestigious and unique developments, in the MENA region and several projects in Brazil.

Abu Dhabi
Halcrow | London | UK
Senior Urban Designer
John Rose Assoc. | Manchester | UK
Graduate Urban Designer
Oct 2011
Aug 2010
Nov 2005
May 2004
I am an experienced, confident, committed and passionate
Urban Designer and Planner
, with a
proven track record as a project manager and team leader. I am also a strong team worker and
genuinely get on well with people, but also comfortable working on my own and am willing and
able to take on responsibility. I am a confident and competent communicator, written, orally and
graphically. I am also a seasoned presenter and feel comfortable speaking publicly, to peers and
the general public alike.
I have developed an interest and considerable knowledge in regeneration, and particularly enjoy
working within the existing built environment. I am keen to further develop my skills, knowledge,
expertise and to expand my understanding of the development process in new environments.
I am adaptable and eager to learn new skills whilst developing both professionally and as a person.
t: +971 (0)55 6646 452
e: hrvoje_cindric@yahoo.com
Abu Dhabi
North Shields Regeneration
Al Falah Town Centre is the final phase of an Emirati housing development for a total community of 50,000 residents. I was the lead masterplanner on the successful delivery of this project and responsible for obtaining Concept and Detailed Masterplan Approvals from the local planning authority, as well as all necessary No Objection Certificates from relevant 3rd party stakeholders.
I was charged with the overall design of the development as well as meeting the necessary planning parameters. I was also responsible for co-ordinating and leading a multidisciplinary team of external sub-consultants, ranging from infrastructure, transportation, cost, environmental to safety and security consultants.
In addition to preparing the necessary planning approval documentation, I also oversaw the delivery of over 1,000 individual Plot Regulation Sheets, for residential, community and commercial plots. Earthworks on site have already commenced, with phase 1 construction scheduled to begin in Q1 2013.
This was a study prepared in light of a business strategy, initiated by me, in order to develop a revitalisation capacity within KEO. I presented the idea of creating a revitalisation capacity to senior KEO management, and was subsequently tasked with producing a brief capability statement.
The study utilises Abu Dhabi as a case study and example of how high growth rates in the larger Gulf countries has led to a need for revitalising older parts of the cities. It is anticipated that revitalisation will be a growing market sector in the region and therefore Abu Dhabi’s case,
where large development schemes are taking place on ‘Greenfield’ land on the periphery of the city, provides a great study opportunity. In Abu Dhabi this is creating a lack of investment in the more established parts of the city and is likely to lead to the degeneration of these parts of the
I have prepared a document which is being used to promote KEO’s capacity and experience in urban regeneration and have also presented the study to potential clients. In the production of the document I have overseen several staff and am continuously involved in sharing knowledge about revitalisation practices within the wider team.
This project was part of an economic impact assessment, and the aim was to support findings which would justify the regeneration of the quay wall, allowing for the fishing port to remain operational and competitive. I was responsible for delivering the planning and design aspects of the project and worked closely with development economists, structural engineers and transport planners in this study. My ideas and enthusiasm in this project was singled out in the client feedback and gained me an internal recognition award.
The site is entirely in a conservation area and of high regional and local importance. I prepared a detailed masterplan which built on findings of previous studies, with the aim of transforming the derelict parts of the fishing port and its associated industry into a mixed and vibrant neighbourhood, whilst still accommodating the needs of the remaining fishing industry. Further to the preparation of the masterplan, I prepared a detailed development brief for a key site within the conservation area.
This project was led out of Broadway Malyan’s Lisbon and São Paulo offices, and I have supported the project through the development of early ideas and concepts. I was responsible for the initial review of available baseline information and the creation of a framework within which development could take place.
The site is of outstanding natural beauty, environmentally highly sensitive and largely covered by remnants of the native Atlantic Rainforest. It is also part of the ‘Discovery Coast’ where the Portuguese first set foot on Latin American ground, and the developed proposal pays homage to all of these factors.
I was the main designer on this extensive study that consisted of a town centre wide townscape analysis which led to an overall urban design strategy in order for Cheltenham to achieve its ambition of being ‘England’s most beautiful town’.
The framework consisted of various separate streams of work, such as a public realm improvement strategy, a new transport strategy and 3 detailed development briefs for publicly owned key town centre sites. I was closely involved in liaising and coordinating efforts between transport planners, architects, landscape designers, artists and the client.
The proposals brought forward in the Urban Design Framework, which stemmed from my original analytical work, have been praised by the local council and has since been adopted as Supplementary Planning Document and will guide future development in Cheltenham’s town centre.
Mar 2013
Arup | Abu Dhabi | UAE
Senior Masterplanner
Since joining Arup I have been involved in several confidential projects across the MENA region as well as Transport Orientated Development schemes in Qatar in particular. I was also a key driver in securing a very high profile, strategic government planning project in Abu Dhabi.
For the past 9 months or so I have been acting as the local project manager, handling and supporting a number of integral work streams developed by a very large Arup and sub-consultant team. Most recently, I have been responsible for the delivery of four concept masterplanning designs, that support the overall strategic level project.

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