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The Scientific Method: Lava Lamp

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Kelsey Lee

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of The Scientific Method: Lava Lamp

The Scientific Method: Lava Lamp
1. Ask A Question
What is the effect between oil and water?
2.Research Your Topic
Oil and water don't mix. We realize now that this is why its hard to clean off animals in the oil spills with just water. We thought that this helped us because it would form blobs but now we now know it has to have some kind of heat.

3. State Your Hypothesis

Question:Why doesn't oil mix with water?
Testable Question: What is the effect between oil and water?
Hypothesis: If we combine oil and water we think the chemicals will form little blobs.
4. Test Your Hypothesis
Independent Variable:The oil will change.
Dependent Variable: We will measure the oil.
Controlled variable: The water.
Steps We Will Take:
1.Fill the bottle about 1 3rd the way full with veggie oil.
2.Add a few drops of food coloring.
3.Carefully fill the rest of the bottle with water.
4.Tighten lid allowing the oil and water to suppurate .
5.Slowly rock the bottle forth and back, watch the wave!

5. Analyze Your Data
Record What Happened: When we poured the water in, the food coloring separated from the oil into the water. The oil rose up to the top of the bottle. Where the oil and water connect and form bubbles!
6.Report Your Results
Our experiment was to see if oil and water would mix and the oil and water did't mixunless we shook it. So our first step wa sto, put 1 3rd of vegetable oil in the bottles. Then, we put any color of food coloring in with the oil. Next, we put water in very careful and screwed the lid on tight ! Then, we let the bottle sit for a little bit and after we let it sit for a while we shook it and it worked out perfectly! Thats how our experiment was successful!
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