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Critical Lens Essay

Step by step instructions on how to write a critical lens essay

Amanda Ponnwitz

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Critical Lens Essay

Critical Lens Essay Step By Step Step 5
An essay in which you will be required to
interpret a quote and relate its meaning to
two works of literature by looking at how
the authors use literary elements
(Like characterization, theme, conflict...) Interpret/
the quote Step 1 Now that you know
what the quote means
and two works that relate
to it...You now have to
think about literary devices/elements that
support the meaning of the quote. Step 3 Writing your
essay Step 4 Always Proofread Critical Lens Essay: Interpreting is one of the most important steps Interpreting is very Tip: Breaking the quote into smaller parts, and putting those parts into your own words makes it easier to understand. Let's Give It A Try! ["To gain that which is worth having],
[it may be necessary to lose everything]" Part I Part II by Bernadette Devlin To gain things in life that are really worth something you have to be willing to sacrifice things important to you. Step 2 Choose 2 works
that you think
have a similar
meaning to the
quote Hmmm... so what books/stories do we see a character giving something up to gain something important? Speak The
Hunger Games The Necklace In order to get her voice back, Melinda has to give up control and be vulnerable. Katniss has to be willing to
lose her life in order to protect her sister. Mme. Loisel sacrifices her happiness for a necklace that was not even real just for a night of happiness. Like characterization, setting, theme, conflict, irony, etc... Now that we've looked at steps 1,2, and 3... Congrats on finishing your essay! Simple Acronym to Help You:
T opy the quote Bernadette Devlin once
said, "To gain that which
is worth having, it may be
necessary to lose
everything." wn words This means that in order to have the things in life that really mean something,
you have to be willing to lose the things that are important. gree or disagree This quote is true because in life people are forced to sacrifice things we care about for the greater good. wo books, two devices Two works that support the quote are The Hunger Games, a novel by Suzanne Collins and The Necklace,a short story by Guy de Maupassant. Through the use of conflict and characterization these authors show the reader that in order to gain what really matters, a person needs to be willing to sacrifice something. Let's begin with the introduction... All of the information from your introduction (or COAT) will help you write the rest of your essay! Intro Conclusion Body Paragraph
1 Body Paragraph
2 Copy the info you plugged into COAT
and you have your introduction! Book 1 & Lit Device 1:

Explain how the first book uses the literary device to support the meaning of the quote. Book 2 & Lit Device 2:

Explain how the first book
uses the literary device
support the meaning
of the quote. Sum up the information from your entire essay
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