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Granular Engine Day 3

Lecture for Music Tech 3 - F 2013

Ben Smith

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Granular Engine Day 3

added file names to buffer~
added meter~
using scale
What We Have
What We Want To Add
Link Grain Length and Rate
Sample-rate Control
Synchronous Granular Synthesis
Enables more accurate control.
More capabilities at our fingertips.
(line~, rand~, phasor~, wave~...)
Now: Have to carefully set both Grain Rate & Grain Len to get a synchronous effect.
ex: Rate = 100 ms, Len = 400 ms
Len = Rate * #-of-generators
grains are sampled uniformly & continuously
vs. Asynchronous
grains are sampled stochastically
Have to do the math each time!
which layout rule is this breaking?
why 3.99? not 4?
Asynchronous Synthesis
"stochastic" control
Randomize a parameter within bounds
Q: rand~? noise~? pink~?
Q: which parameters?
Model 1
Model 2
set hi & low bounds
1. take a random signal between [-1.0, 1.0]
2. scale it to our new range.
set center & spread
1. take a random signal between [-1.0,1.0]
2. scale the spread (width) of the signal:
rand * spread
3. offset the signal by the 'center':
rand + center
Granular Engine Day 3
All together!
and sub-patches...
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