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Dimethyl Sulfide

No description

Caisey Francisco

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Dimethyl Sulfide

Presentation By Caisey Francisco Dimethyl Sulfide Properties Uses Isomers Intermolecular Forces Where is this molecule found in nature? Influence in human history. The formula for Dimethyl Sulfide is
C2H6S which is 2 parts of Carbon 6 parts of Hydrogen and Sulfur. Dimethyl Sulfide is a colorless liquid that has an unpleasent smell of wild raddish and cabbage. Dimethyl Sulfide has an ionic bond. The change in elctronegativity is 2.17. The intermolecular force of DMS is the London Dispersion Force. Dimethyl Sulfide is not an isomer because it doesn't have any other chemical form. It's Dimethyl Sulfide or nothing. Dimethyl SUlfide is the most abundant biological sulfur compound that is emitted into the atmosphere. It occurs over the ocean by phytoplankton. Dimethyl Sulfide is also naturally made by bacterial transformation of Dimethyl Sulfoxide waste that is disposed into sewers, causing a major environmental odor problems. Dimethyl Sulfide is the dominant biogenic sulfur compound in the marine atmosphere and essential to the the sulfur cycle. DMS is photo-oxidized to sulfated aerosols in the atmosphere. The sulfate aerosols function as a cloud condensation nuclei, thus having DMS impact the earths climate. Boiling Point
37 degrees C
(99 degrees F) Melting Point
-98.3 degrees C
(-145 degrees F) Dimethyl Sulfide is commonly used in veterinary medicines as a liniment for horses. It is also used in petroleum refining and it also has a use of a food flavoring component. Formula Did You Know? Did You Know? The largest single commercial producer of DMS in the world is the Gaylord Chemical Corporation. DMS is also used as a presulfiding agent to form the formation of coke and carbon monoxide in ethylene products.
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