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Storm Drain Pollution

Storm drain pollution is a great epidemic that needs attention.

Thi Le

on 15 June 2010

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Transcript of Storm Drain Pollution

Storm Drain Pollution What Was The Problem People were dumping trash into storm drains.
That made the storm drains get clogged up
and they were not able to perform the tasks
they were made to do, drain out excess water.
What We Did To Fix The Problem Everyone in the team made filters and we tested out all of them
to see which worked best. We all cleaned storm drains around
Country Lane Apartments and at Mission San Jose Elementary. What Was The Outcome The storm drains we cleaned looked extremely clean afterwards. Waterflow was excellent. Problems We Faced Uncooperative members, filters not working, extremely filthy storm drains. Thank You For Watching This Presentation
-Thi Le
-Michael Brooks
-Heriberto Lopez
-Varun Jaitly Shocking Data What We Learned Group - Storm drains lead to many places other than bay, no filters in storm drains, cause many floods, extremely filthy
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