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Maze Runner Themes and Objects

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riley kovach

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of Maze Runner Themes and Objects

Friendship is important because if the Gladers do not have a strong sense of unity through their personal relationships they will not be able to survive.
The theme of Friendship is key throughout the book as Thomas makes relationships with Alby, Minho, Chuck, Teresa, and Newt.
Friendship is presented as a theme because the Gladers are able to show the reader that friends are necessary in life to survive because it enables you to have someone to talk to and to support you.
Objects and Symbols
Bravery is a theme in The Maze Runner because Thomas shows ultimate bravery by going into the maze to help save Alby.
Thomas's bravery to stand up against the Keepers leads to him having the capability to get some of the Gladers out of the Maze.
The bravery shown by Thomas shows the reader that through all parts of life bravery is needed to make it to the next stage.
Gone Gone Gone by Phillip Phillips
: This song is important because it symbolizes the friendship between Chuck, Newt, and Thomas. It is important because all three of them stick with each other through thick and thin.
Run Boy Run by The Golden Age
: This song is symbolizing how Minho and Thomas run through the maze to try and figure it out. It is shown when Thomas has to run from a Griever.
Stand up by Sugarland
: This song relates to the novel symbolizing when a new kid comes up from the box. They have to stand up and state their name and they become a glader.
You've got a Friend in Me by Randy Newman
: This is important because one of the three "rules" in the Glade is that everyone has to be get along and support each other in order to survive. Without their friendships, they would not be able to survive.

Another theme in The Maze Runner is that no matter how bad things get you need to keep fighting.
I believe this theme is important because the Gladers wouldn’t have been able to solve the maze without the help of everyone doing their part to survive in the Glade.
The persistence of the gladers trying to escape the maze finally pays off when they are able to decode the maze and escape.
The theme of Death is important to The Maze Runner because all the kids in the Glade are scared of what is outside the walls that protect them. No one has ever lived outside the Glade over night, until Thomas arrives.
The reader is able to take away from the book that you should not be afraid of death and should not worry about the things you can't control.
1. Trash can- This is important because the gladers are given fresh supplies through the box and the box brings up a new kid every month.
2. A note saying "She's the last one. EVER"- This object is important because when Teresa comes to the Glade, the Gladers find this note which informs them that they will not longer be receiving more supplies or people.
3. Running shoes- These are important because the runners are the people that scout the maze and the main character Thomas becomes one soon after he is brought to the Glade.
4. The serum- This is important to the story because whenever a person is stung by a griever the serum is supposed to help them get better and it helps saves Alby's life. It also helps a person remember part of their past.
5. Vine- The vine is important because this is used when Thomas and Minho are in the maze over night and they use the vine to wrap Alby onto the wall and save him from the griever.
The Maze Runner
Themes, Objects, and Music
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