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No description

Jay-ar Gurtiza

on 8 May 2015

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Transcript of ArGohn

The City Of Peace
What don’t you like about Canada?
- Lots of taxes ( Food,clothes,and items that you buy )

- Weather ( Its too cold )

- Smoking, Drugs, and alcohol

How has the current society broken your trust
- They said they will bring taxes down but instead it increased.

- They also said that will improve the transportation system.

Why do you feel the need to form a more perfect society
-If we have a perfect society everyone will be happy.
All the problems will be solved and dealt with.
How will your society be different
- The taxes will be decreased.
- People who use or sell illegal drugs will be imprisoned for life.
- There will be free internet everywhere you go on the city.
By Jay-ar
List of rules
- No violence (murder, war, stealing, and sexual assault)
- Alcohol and cigarettes would be limited to the public.
- Treat everyone fairly no matter what their religion or colour.
- All gas vehicles will be depleted, and change by electric vehicles for environment protection
- No one will use weapons, only police officers can use it and they can only use electric sticks or teasers gun.

Government Body
The country will be ruled by one President, the people in the country will pick who will be the President. But the country can always change the president whenever they like it. To do this they have to vote if the president will stay or not.
Holidays and Celebrations
April 29 will be a holiday because this date is when the country is made.

December 11 will be a celebration for the creator of the country
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