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Effective Communication Skills Part I // LET III

Effective communication is a two way process between sender of information and a reciever of information. It is the art of succesfull sharing meaningful information with people by means of an interchange of expierence

Jerry Bedard

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Effective Communication Skills Part I // LET III

Effective Communication Skills Have a great "rest of the day" :) Written: Verbal: Non Verbal: Electronic: You must pay attention to the reaction
of the receiver Texting, Social Media, Blogs, I-Pad Why is electronic more effective
than standard, written text ? 4 TYPES of Communication Review: Communication Process Emotional Intelligence Exchange Feedback  5 Competencies to Manage Emotions 4 Types AND 4 Styles of Communication Barriers to Effective Listening Techniques to Improve Listening Skills The Most Effective Type The Least Effective Type ASSERTIVE AGGRESSIVE PASSIVE PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE Based on compliance and hopes ): Feel powerless, stuck, resentful 4 STYLES of Communication Manipulation / Forceful The Most Effective Style
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