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We Love Wee Willy

A Tribute to Wee Willy, Beloved Geocacher in Arlington, Texas

Leslie Lovett

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of We Love Wee Willy

Cynsayshi Celebrating Her 1000th
ARLINGTON (and nearby)
You Have Placed Caches in
Texas and Minnesota
They Really Like to Find Them

Now and Then You Get a DNF
…and GUNS!!

From Ham2405 2/3/12

FTF, of course. I got the coords before anyone else. Just read the logs and can't believe the DNFs! And, yes, it was drizzling as I walked over to and right up to the hide! Anyway.....
I had no idea how many WW hides I'd been finding until HAD dropped a '100 WW caches' pathtag on me at SWAG a few months ago! He said that in fact I was at about 160 at the time and he had just gotten the 100's tag in. I found out that he also had a 200 tag, so I started working towards that. It wasn't a crash program, it's taken me about 6 months to hit the 200 mark. I have pulled up WW's geocache pages and there are bunches of active caches. There's more that have been archived along the way. WW is one heck of a cache hiding machine. It's got to be a lot of work keeping them all going. I've got it on a to-do list to get his oldest active cache in Mineral Wells.
All I can say is is a BIG THANK YOU for all the caches you've put out and maintain.
I got the gold dollar for FTF and the WW 200 pathtag. I also pulled the Jeep bug to move it on. TFTC
Comments from Those You’ve Honored

From fold 7/24/13

Wee Willy gave me a heads-up so I could get FTF. Found it "fold style" with no difficulties...except the beggar's lice 3' high and other types of vegetation that was even taller. I think he did this to me because he knows I have a strong fear of snakes and this is an ideal environment for them. He also knows how much I appreciate these hides in my honor, so I'll tackle my fears to make the find. He used particularly interesting camo. Wonder if Wee Willy gnawed it off of his driver, right below the knee. Or maybe Annie did it, since she doesn't warm up to her driver or bushwacking. Took one travel bug and left two others. One of these is the most unusual TB I've seen. Thanks again, Wee Willy. Also took a 200 finds Wee Willy pathtag. TFTC!
Comments from Those You’ve Honored

fd scorpion 2/15/12
FTF @ 1:42 p.m. What an honor to be acknowledged for doing something fun.
I brought my daughter to celebrate the find with me and it took us longer than it should have to locate. You'd think I would know all your hiding methods by now. Wrong!!!
We found our first WW hide on 12-27-2008 and it was called "No George in Dunsworth Park". It took us two trips to find and we were ecstatic to find it. Some of our favorite WW caches in the 200 have been archived, "The Bird and the Bee","Log Another Nano",and the first version of "P4's 1000th Find" were true greatness. Two of our favorites that are still active are "Wee Willy's Sudoku" (GCTEPD), and "12 Feet-But Which Way?" (GC1NVEW). We look forward to finding many more.
We are proud to have met some of the great cachers when we got started and they made us feel welcome. Thanks to Winston's Parents, the Dax Volks, Dark Star and Tx Diva, Recon1a and Love Missy, Texas Tiger and Ms. Quiltie, and of course Wee Willy's parents. You are truly wonderful people and we appreciate the hospitality. I invite you all to come and sign the log on this cache.
Comments from Those You’ve Honored

From fd scorpion 2/27/13
FTF at 4:26 p.m.
I took my kids with me to make the grab on this one and we made it an adventure to remember.
I consider it an honor to be recognized by the great WW just for getting out and finding his hides.
I also appreciate that he put it in Veteran's Park, which is one of my favorite spots.
Most of his caches take us to places we wouldn't seek out on our own and this one does that too.
We parked and started the trek into the woods and I immediately began pointing out trails we took previously while hunting for other caches here in the park. When we neared the gz and realized that a different route was needed, my daughter gave me that look that said "We have to go there?".
She went first just to prove that she could and my son and I followed.
We soon made the find and opened the container to get to the log and swag inside.
I placed a couple of fire department related Hot Wheels cars inside for anyone that wants them.
I also put in a super bowl/FD commemorative coin for someone. It is not a trackable so please take it to keep.
Thanks again Sir for the acknowledgement and the swag.
Your contribution to this thing we do cannot be overstated.

Comments from Those You’ve Honored

Some Help You (or Hikeaday)
Find the Cache
Duck Duck Goose!
You Have Cached in the Desert
Doggy Pit Stops?
Sometimes You Climb to Hide (or Find)
Sometimes RCCs Are Not RED
Geocaches Found and Hidden
Thanks For The Caches, Wee Willy!
Your Next Cache?
…and a Few More
Winstonsdad Finds 3000
Sometimes They Cache in Groups
They like to Climb Trees, Too!
You Like to Hide Caches for Children
32,829 “Found” logs have been recorded on your caches
Only 1,456 DNF logs have been written
You are a responsible cache hider
You maintain your caches
Your archive what doesn’t work
You have lots of family-friendly caches
Average D/T rating for your caches is 1.5/1.7
Geocachers Like Your Caches
…or Hiding

…sorry…it cannot be edited!

Thanks to Hikeaday and family for this special cash for our 1000th find. We really like the coin. Couldn't have found a more fitting one if you tried.
Twdldum&Shrps-Shootr 1/21/12

FTF - "One man's trash may be another man's cache" or something like that; works well for the hide on this cache. I have found WW caches many miles from DFW and probably several counties. I'm getting ready for a short trip to CA tomorrow (hence the late log) and just might find, well, you know, that WW trademark. Hmm, if I don't, I think a WW path tag drop is in order. Keep 'em coming WW. Thanks for 300 fun finds.
tfrank48 1/10/12
Comments from Those You’ve Honored
From fold on 5/19/12 - What an honor to have a cache in my aka name. When I started playing this game almost two years ago, I never dreamed I could keep it up w/o smart phone or GPS help. As we can see, I was wrong. I've definitely honed my skills on noting the particulars of the satellite image and taking notes in that regard, but slip-ups still occur. I want to send a special thank you to Wee Willy for this cache, and a thank you to all you cache owners that have enlightened my life. BTW had the FTF at 4:28p.m. on 5/19/12, after finding 6 to reach this milestone and just before I rushed home to watch I'll Have Another win the second leg of the Triple Crown...there hasn't been a sweep since 1978. Maybe this will be the year!
Comments from Those You’ve Honored

From swolters 8/8/13
I got the advance word on this cache from Wee Willie. Loaded the coordinates into my GPSr and brought a change of clothes for after work caching. I think it was only 103 degrees. I took the long way around and had to cross the creek twice, but eventually came to the GZ. I signed the log, retrieved the Geo-Achievement Award coin and replaced it with some basketball cards and a lanyard. That was a super nice surprise. I knew there would be a cache celebrating my 1000th find, but I had no idea there would be an award. Thank you Hike-a-day and Wee Willy for your kindness, friendship and generosity.
Comments from Those You’ve Honored
More Nice People
Nice People on the Trail
You Have Cached in the Mississippi
Trees Make Good Hiding Places!
Your three shortest-lived caches:
Unwanted Toys
ONE day – one “Found” log
Center of Downtown Arlington
TWO days – zero logs
WMD Outpost #13
THREE days – two “Found” logs

Some Caches Don’t Last
Sometimes you are
covered in burrs
Sometimes you need
a bath
Geocaching is Dirty Business
…but you are a geocacher!

You Could Have Been a Show Dog…
Sometimes You Hide Ammo Cans
Sometimes You Hide Other Things

You hid 71 caches in June and July 2009!

You Have Been Busier Hiding
You Have Been Busy Finding Caches
You were born November 9, 2003 – a tiny miniature black Schnauzer
Your new mom named you “Sir William the First”
You are known to local geocachers as “Wee Willy”
You used to like chewing shoes and decorating the house
You now devote most of your time to geocaching and napping
Your geocaching.com profile says you are a “Free Loader,” but geocachers know you as a master cache hider
You like visiting parks on cold, wet mornings because you have the place to yourself and can pursue your favorite pastime of chasing squirrels and bunnies
You caught a cat once; not something you wish to experience again
You are a well-travelled cacher, having visited Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Mississippi, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and South Dakota
You’ve met some nice people while
You’ve also met some not so nice coyotes

This is Your Geocaching Life

Wee Willy
I love wee willy hides.
Passing through Arlington, so we HAD to stop for a Wee Willy cache. Damn, that dog can hide!
Chocked full of swag, this is a great cache in a most excellent location.
I just have to hunt for Wee Willy caches any time I come down to Arlington. It's a compulsion.
Wow that was the best find, I think, that I found. You amazed me with this one!!
Wow! What a cache! Now, that's the biggest, strongest, container I have ever seen. The kids should all love this one. WW is the greatest.
Thank you so much for placing so many Geocaches around the community for others to enjoy.  
Very fun find for the kids. Thanks for the treasure. We didn't take anything but the kids were pumped to see it all
Wow...what cammo!
Love Wee Willy hides!
Tons of room for swag.
Very clever! I love
finding Wee Willy caches!
Nobody stays on top of
their hides as well as
Wee Willy.

Unsolicited Testimonials
…and Wee Willy
cache #459

DaxVolks Log Cache #6000

5Bcachers find 1000!

Cachers Like to Find Your Caches to Mark Milestones
Even Dogs Like to Find Your Caches
Size Matters
Whether You’re Finding…
More Coyotes

And others have hidden caches to honor you!

Not a RCC - Dmitri32065's WW find #100 (dmitri32065)
Wee Willy Army Men Hangout (tfrank48)
DaxVolks Salute Wee Willy's 500th Hide (DaxVolks)
Wee Willy Doppelganger Resurrected (JJLJ2010)
Wee Willy and Hikeaday's 1000th
Find (Abrimberry, Vigilnte, DTHumphreys)
Wee Willy Doppelganger (JJLJ2010)
Wee Willy Cookie Tin (medicman911)
It's not a red coffee can,
Not even close (Winstonsdad)
Willy Find It? (Team Low Tech)
RED COFFEE CAN #00 (Imposter)
(Wee Banditos)
SWAG Celebrates November (DaxVolks)
Pappy Elkins Once More (sobrfndr)
We Love Wee Willy (And His Driver
and Mom) (Winstonsmom)
Calculate Me This (Wee Willy #2)

Tribute Caches for You
zamsfamily (303 Wee Willy finds)
Lindbergh31 (200 Wee Willy finds)
fdscorpion (300 Wee Willy finds)
djomega (200 Wee Willy finds)
DaxVolks (400 Wee Willy finds)
caeserjim (200 Wee Willy finds)
Scottbob139 (1000th find)
Fold (2000th find)
TxVic (1000th find)
weebles2 (300 Wee Willy finds)
CITO Participants
fold (200 Wee Willy finds)
swolters (1000th find)

You have hidden caches to honor others:

p4 (1000th find)
Abrimberry (1000th find)
Teamcameron52 (1000th find)
dougshep (1000th find)
cougarzlair (1000th find)
Zamsfamily (200 Wee Willy finds)
tfrank48 (300 Wee Willy finds)
Twdldum&Shrps-Shootr (1000th find)
ham2405 (200 Wee Willy finds)
Txlibra (204 Wee Willy finds)
DaxVolks (300 Wee Willy finds)
fdscorpion (200 Wee Willy finds)
sobrfindr (1000th find)
fold (1000th find)
Tribute Caches for Others
…and Some More Nice People
You used to ride in an old truck
Now you have air conditioning!
Nice Wheels
Dog Friends
You are generous with your Favorite Points
You have earned 186
You have awarded 55
Your caches are well liked
They have earned 545 Favorite Points
Dog Day Afternoon - 41
WMD - 32
Knapp Heritage Park
(One more Try) - 27

Favorite Points
Oldest Three Adopted Caches:
Lighten Up – 11.57 years
Nightmare Before Christmas –
Oogie Boogie - 10.9 years
Christmas In July : Under New
Management – 10.88 years
Oldest Three Original Caches:
Earthen Cache – 9.14 years
WMD – 8.81 years
WMD Outpost #6 – 8.68 years

Some Last a LONG Time

Geocaching is Hard Work
It’s a Long Walk to Minnesota
Your caches take us on long walks in the woods…and the flowers!

On the Way to Hide Another Cache
GC138C Christmas in July : Under New Management
GCB830 Nightmare Before Christmas - Oogie Boogie
GCBC28 Lighten Up!
GCJCE4 ShipRECed in Hurst
GCNG27 I Heart Geocaching
GCPYZD Relocation #1
GCPYAG Just Ducky
GCT8GT Itsy Bitsy
GC137V4 Medical Cache #5
You Have Rescued Stray Caches, Too
You introduced her to
She likes to snuggle with you
You are a canine good citizen
You rescued your little sister
from a life on the streets

Little Orphan Annie
Cachers Work Hard to Earn Your Pathtags
Yeah our very first Wee Willy coin!! What an honor! - Redd Metal
Trying to get to 200 Wee Willy caches. Am I getting close? - Lindbergh31
What a great day to be out working on my goal of 300 WW caches. - Jungle_jim8008
Yea! We have finally found a wee willy cache! :) Left a TX pin and took a WW pathtag. Thank you! - Greattxhunters
In the area working on finally completing 100 Wee Willy caches. - cougarzlair
We are going to have 200 Wee Willy finds by the end of the summer. TFTC!! - Mscheffler
Decided to start our quest close to home for Wee Willy caches. We hope to someday grab 100 WW caches. I can't believe some people have 200 or even 204! - 5Bcachers
We did it 100 willy caches!!!!! (we'll grab a few extra to be safe). We have had a great time with this little challenge and yes we'll keep finding more of your (in the winter). Thanks for all you do for the geo community!! - Raylenemo
Well, maybe getting to 200 WW finds won't be so hard after all! - Tranquil T-rex
Our first cache of the new year and our first cache toward the second hundred Wee Willy caches. And yes, Winston's mom is one of the nicest cachers we've met. She saw us new folks at our first SWAG get together and came up and introduced herself and started introducing us to other people. One of the first people she introduced us to was your driver Hikeaday. Maybe one of these days we'll run into you out on the trail or at an events! - Bentley’s Buddies

You like to hide

You have hidden 50 numbered
RCC caches and many, many more!

The Wee Willy Hide
(Well, One Sort, Anyway!)
You share your toys with others.

You’ve worked hard to move lots of travel bugs, especially those jeeps.
Toys and Travel Bugs
He operates your GPSr since you don’t have thumbs!

You wonderful dad
calls himself Hikeaday
He is your chauffeur
He is your all-around best pal!

You have the best mom ever!
She lets you sit on her lap
She combs the burrs from your hair
She always has nice things to eat

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! Toys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

…and They Like to Find Them
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