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This prezi addresses different inventions that incorporate magnetism in five different fields.

Mary Grace King

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Magnetism

Magnetism Medicine Astronomy Electronics Navigation Toys Compass A compass was one of the first inventions that incorporated magnetism. It is a basic tool that points to the Magnetic South Pole, and our North Pole. This instrument was predominately used for ocean navigating during the times of discovery. In today's world the compass is mostly used for military purposes. The technology has been greatly upgraded and some now include a meachanism that can measure distances and plot points on maps. Compass's have made a big impact on the world and are still being utilized today. Credit Card Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Gyroscope Many do not realize it, but everytime an individual swipes their credit card, they are using magnetism. The black slip along the back of the card is made up of small iron filings. The filings are positioned in different directions; either pointing North or South. When swiped, the reader identifies the credit card depending on the miniscule magnets. Magneatos Jumbo Piece Set The Magneato Set is comprised of magnetised rods and balls. The rods and balls are oppsitely charged causing them to attract at the ends. Children enjoy these types of toys because they are able to build almost anything. There are many different versions of this toy. An MRI is most commonly used for x-raying the brain. There are three different types of magnets that are inside of the MRI machine. There are resistive magnets, permanent magnets, and superconducting magnets. Inside of teh actual machine, it is kept at very low temperatures to eliminate resistance for the machine. MRI's are taken quite frequently to make sure an individuals brain is not damaged by an accident or to diagnose a patient with a brain tumor. This machine is very helpful in today's world. A gyroscope is an incredibly advanced compass. It has many uses in todays world. Its most prominent use are telescopes. Gyroscopes are placed in telescopes to help navigate through space. It shows distance and direction.
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