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Case Studies

No description

Elisabeth Burhenne

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of Case Studies

Case Studies
June 12, 2014

Case 2.1
Sandra, VP of research and development at Great Lakes Food, must choose new director of research
Three candidates for this one position
Case 2.1
Based on the information provided about trait approach in Tables 2.1 and 2.2, if you were Sandra, who would you choose?

Kelsey Metts is the ideal candidate for the director of research position because of leadership traits of intelligence, socialbility, and executive force.
According to the case, Kelsey graduated from Harvard as a top student
She also received high scores on socialbility and human relations regarding performance reviews
Supervisors at GLF speak highly of working with Kelsey because of her excellent people skills and socialbility trait
She also successfully brought in two new product lines. This shows that she has the determination and force to get work done
I. Case Study 2.1
"Choosing a New Director of Research"

II. Case Study 3.1
"A Strained Research Team"

Case Study 2.1
In what ways are the weaknesses of the trait approach highlighted in the case?

Situation influences leadership. The traits that make Kelsey a strong leader in her current position may or may not be her strengths for the new role. She may not be able to maintain the leadership position in a different role
She will be presented with different situations and the traits that have made her emerge and succeed in the past are not necessarily guaranteed to work in the new position she is being considered for
Case Study 2.1
In what ways is the trait approach helpful in this type of selections?

The trait approach focuses on the leaders, not the followers
Shows leadership traits in straightforward fashion
Organizations will work better if managers have leadership profiles because they will be better matched with tasks
Managers will be aware because their strength and weaknesses as a leader will be laid out before them
Today we will be discussing...

Question 1
Question Two
Question Three
Case Study 3.1
Dr. Adam Wood, a scholar in the field of health educational research, is highly sought after because of reputation
Current role is principal investigator of Elder Care Project, which is under budgeted
Dr. Woods fails to lead research team effectively despite positive reputation
Team members say Dr. Woods is negative, that they underpaid
Case Study 3.1
Question One
Based on the skills approach, how would you assess Dr. Wood's leadership and his relationship to the members of the Elder Care Project team? Will the project be successful?

Dr. Wood's leadership skills are predominantly technical and conceptual, yet lacking in human skills based on Katz's 1955 basic administrative skills
Unless he develops social judgement skills, project will see high turnover rate
Case Study 3.1
Question Two
Does Dr. Wood have the skills necessary to be an effective leader of this research team?

Needs Social Perceptiveness (Zaccaro 1991): Understanding the unique needs, goals and demands of different organizations
Needs Behavioral Flexibility because there are more than two group members
Needs Motivation to boost moral of team during tough times (budget cuts)
Case Study 3.1
Question Three
The skills model describes three important competencies for leaders: problem-solving skills, social judgement skills, and knowledge. If you were to coach Dr. Wood using this model, what competencies would you address with him? What changes would you suggest that he make in his leadership?
Social Judgement Skills: Would have allowed Dr. Wood to see his researchers were strained and unhappy
This skill would allow him to see situation so that he could act
Northouse, P.G. (2013).
Leadership: Theory and Practice
(6th ed.). Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Sage.
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