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10 Facts About Zeus

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Jacob Gentry

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of 10 Facts About Zeus

Zeus was the god of the sky, and is the ruler of all olympian gods.
Fact #1
Zeus defeated his father Cronus to get his brothers and sisters out of his stomach.
Fact #2
Zeus won a draw between Poseidon and Hade's to become the suprene ruler of the gods.
Fact #3
Zeus is known to punish people who lie.
Fact #4
By Jacob Gentry
10 Facts About Zeus
Fact #5
Zeus faught and defeated an immortal named Typhoeus.
Fact #6
Zeus was born inside a cave away from his father Cronus.
Fact #7
Zues sent the titans in the underworld for eternity.
Fact #8
Zeus was the youngest of his family.
Fact #9
Zeus's weapon is the lightning bolt.
Fact #10
Since Zeus is the father of the gods,he sees that each deity preforms their individual duty.
Website #1 Greek Mythology.com
Website #2 www.theoi.com
Website #3 mythweb.com
Conclusion Slide
I learned that Zeus was ruler of all olympian gods.

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