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Sebastian and Matthew W

No description

lib hist

on 6 September 2016

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Transcript of Sebastian and Matthew W

Sebastian and Matthew W.
Bennie G. Adkins
Sergeant First Class Adkins distinguished himself during March 9, 1966-March 12, 1966 fighting against Vietnam.Benny killed 175 enemies during 38 hours of fighting.During combat, Adkins through hostile mortar explosions to drag several of his comrades to safety. When the hostile fire subsided Adkins ran through sporadic sniper fire to save other wounded comrades.Adkins didn't only care about himself, he cared for his comrades as well.
Medal Of Honor
The Medal Of Honor is the rarest and highest medal a soldier can receive. About 3,400 soldiers have been awarded the Medal Of Honor since 1863.Only the president can award the Medal Of Honor to the soldiers who earned it. The soldiers have to be nominated by their comrades to earn this prestigious award.
High respect; esteem. The soldiers who have been rewarded with the Medal of Honor are honored and respected. Bennie G. Adkins' heroic acts in close combat is in keeping with the highest traditions in his unit, the United States Army. Charles S. Kettles' selfless acts of repeated valor and determination are still in keeping with the highest traditions of military service. John Finn is honored for his actions and bravery. Everybody that has heard about him highly respects him for how he selflessly defended his country.
Charles S. Kettles
John Finn
Organization:U.S Army
Born:02/1/1934 Waurika Okla.
Born:01/09/1930 Ypsitanti, Michigan
Organization:U.S Army
Valor is showing great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle. The soldiers that have been awarded the Medal of Honor by doing the "impossible".Bennie G. Adkins showed valor by being the only one to man a mortar position when most of his crew was killed or painfully wounded. He fought fanatical waves of attacking Viet Cong. Major Kettles showed valor by leading six UH-1D helicopters upon hearing that an airborne infantry unit had suffered casualties. He knew that it could happen to him. John Finn showed valor by fighting the entire time from a vulnerable position, even after he was wounded. Finn was fighting in that spot for 2 hours where he obtained 21 separate wounds.
Organization: U.S Navy
Born: 6/23/1909 Los Angeles, CA
Issued: 9/15/1942
The ability to do something that frightens one.The soldiers who've been awarded the medal of honor show this by doing what they need to do and not backing down from it. Bennie G. Adkins by running through hostile fire and manning a mortar position by himself. Charles S. Kettles showed courage by flying a heavily damaged helicopter back to safety. Even though he knew the helicopter can fail at anytime. John Finn showed great courage by shooting down enemy fighter planes from an exposed position while he was wounded.
Love and devotion to one's country. The soldiers who have been awarded the Medal of Honor don't go to war just because they go to war for a greater purpose. Bennie G. Adkins showed patriotism by going to war not just for himself, he went to war to fight for his country. Not giving up, Adkins helped painfully wounded comrades get to safety, not helping himself even though he was in critical condition. Charles S. Kettles showed patriotism by not backing down even when under heavy enemy fire. He didn't want to leave anyone or anything behind. He didn't go to war for himself, but to help his comrades and his country. John Finn showed patriotism by fighting for a country which he loved and even after being severely wounded he went back during the same fight to help his comrades.
John Finn received the Medal of Honor for his actions during the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. He was manning a machine gun from an exposed position. Finn fought for 2 hours and while doing so he obtained 21 different wounds. He was awarded the first Medal of Honor for World War 2. Finn continued to serve in the Navy for another 15 years finally retiring in 1956.
On May 15, 1967, Major Kettles volunteered to lead a flight of six UH-1D helicopters to carry reinforcements, and to evacuate wounded personnel, after he had just heard another infantry unit suffered casualties during an intense firefight. Even though heavy enemy fire inflicted damage to the helicopters,Major Kettles refused to depart until all helicopters were loaded to capacity.
Our opinion on these tremendous soldiers is that they are some of the most honorable and well respected men on the face of this earth. Their outstanding acts of courage, patriotism, and valor are beyond belief. They all fought selflessly for this country and were given the Medal of Honor because their fellow soldiers recommended them for it because they realized how incredible the actions they took were.
(Bennie G. Adkins)
(Charles S Kettles)
(John Finn)
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