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Twitter as a Professional Development Tool

Helping teachers new to Twitter discover the benefits of setting up a Personal Learning Network via social media.

Laura Wheeler

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Twitter as a Professional Development Tool

What? Why? Who? How?
a Professional Development Tool Laura Wheeler
Ridgemont High School, OCDSB #ecoo12 This workshop will be most useful for you if you have brought your own device on which to access Twitter in real-time. The usual PD is often... ... rigidly scheduled, ... from a small pool of presenters, ... not applicable to your classroom, etc. A Personal Learning Network (PLN) on Twitter can be... http://sandymillin.wordpress.com/2011/01/09/the-online-professional-development-survey-longer-answers/ Why Teachers Use Twitter Twitter is like a party . . . news businesses politics celebrities events POLITICS NEWS EVENTS BUSINESSES CELEBRITIES Twitter: etc. Set up a Twitter account Search functions Your interactions
w/ other people Settings Write a tweet Tweets by people you are following
(that you "subscribe" to) Avatar Name Username Message Content Date/Time Mention Hashtag Post this message
in your tweet feed
for your followers to see Tweet a reply
to this user Search #edchat Top VS All Try:
http://bit.ly/NADd9m For more how-to's on Twitter: http://socialmediadiyworkshop.com/downloads/twitter-for-beginners.pdf Follow someone to "subscribe" to their tweets. Put them in a list @shannoninottawa
@erinpaynter What's next? NEXT STEPS ... Start a conversation; reply to users with thoughts about what they've posted
Start posting original tweets (questions, ideas, links, quotes, etc.)
Start a school twitter feed
Use Twitter on the go; smartphone apps
Communicate with your students; develop a hashtag for each class
Live-tweet a conference #ecoo12 @wheeler_laura
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