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Precise Language

No description

Nandita Rangu

on 8 April 2015

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Transcript of Precise Language

Precise nouns and adjectives help a writer create a specific setting. Precise verbs and adverbs can make the action clear. Overall, precise language brings in the tone.
Example #1
Example #2
"Then the sea blended imperceptibly into sweeping areas of land populated only by the figures of animal life unknown to her, hulking creatures grazing on tall tan grasses" (94-95).
Precise Language
"Now, without instruction of practice, without hesitancy, her fingers felt the way to twist and weave and stitch the special threads together to create designs rich and explosive with color" (20).

Example #3
By using precise language, Lois Lowry helps show how detailed Kira's weaving is. Her use of the word "explosive" helps show the contrasts of the colors in the weave. The contrast of the color blue foreshadows Kira's journey searching for happiness (otherwise known as blue). By describing the weave as "rich," Lowry helps show its value and worth. This can also show how Kira's weaving makes up for her disability.
"His tools still lay on the worktable: small chisels with which he had been meticulously recarving, reshaping the worn, smooth places on the elaborate staff that the Singer used" (113).
Lois Lowry helps show how careful Thomas carves by using precise language. Her use of the word "meticulously" helps portray the extreme care and the minute details he puts into his work. The word meticulously is important because meticulously means to be precise. In their society jobs are chosen and to be chosen for carving the staff shows that Thomas is a perfectionist. Other people in this society might not be able to meet the expectations for the council, showing that the council believed in Thomas to make an elaborate staff. By describing the staff as "elaborate," Lowry helps show its nicety of detail and that it was executed with care. This also shows the value it has in the community. The word elaborate is important to the plot because it shows that he is special because he can come up with ideas and visions that help him to design the staff. The fact that Thomas uses elaborate carvings gives the society a reason to believe and have hope for the future. The staff tells a story and the society and council have hope in Thomas to create the future.
The author, Lois Lowry, utilizes precise language by using words such as, "imperceptibly" to expound the many details of the Singer's robe. I think that it was important for the author to address the word "imperceptibly", because it shows how the color blue is hidden from the world. This foreshadows how the color blue, the color of the sea,
By: Nandita Rangu, Rosa Le, Sarah Sporn, Milan Paquette (Period 7)
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