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Time Shifts in the 2.Act of death of a salesman

No description

Celine Eckard

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of Time Shifts in the 2.Act of death of a salesman

Where can you find the time shifts/ imaginatios
time shifts
1. time shift
- Willy gets fired by his boss
- conversation with Ben
- Linda and Ben manipulate him
-> Linda wants him to stay
-> Ben wants him to go along with him
3. time shift
- while Willy stays in Boston he spends his nights with a woman
- on night his son overtake him
- Biff is shocked and disappointed from his father
-Willy tries to explain himself
-full explaini
Differences between time shift and imagination
- time shifts really happend in the past of a person
-> they are retrospections

-Imaginations didn't happen in the past of a person
-> you only imagine something that could happen like this
We thank you for your attention and are now at your disposal for questions
2. time shift
- Willy and his sons meet in a restaurant
- Biff tries to explain his thievery to Willy
- Willy imagines himself arguing with young Biff

1. Imagination
- Willy plants his seeds
- he imagines a conversation with Ben
- Biff interrupts this imagination
Time Shifts in the 2.Act of "death of a salesman"
- Where can you find the time shifts/ imaginations
- What happens in a time shift
-Analysis of the third time shift
- Differences between time shift and imagination
- What happens in Willy's imaginations
- Conclusion
1. p. 90 l. 14 - p.96 l. 13
2. p. 117 l. 4 - p. 124 l. 6
3. p. 124 l. 7 - p. 130 l. 2
1. p. 135 l. 1 - p. 137 l. 22
2. p. 144 l 11 - p. 146 l. 12
- Biff continues to explain his fault
- Willy imagines the woman in the hotel room
- at the end Willy leaves
- full explanation for Biff's transformation
- Willy's infidelity caused the change in Biff
-Willy ruined the lives of those around him
2. Imagination
- everybody goes to sleep
- Willy remains in the kitchen
- second conversation with Ben
- he asks Ben for his agreement to commit his suicide
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