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Gamma PR Strategy

No description

Jamie Quinones

on 28 March 2011

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Transcript of Gamma PR Strategy

Gamma The University of Georgia old
Website Public Relations
Strategy SWOT Strengths new motivated executive board
new media tools Weaknesses decreasing participation
decreasing membership
less help PR
TEAM Opportunities Increase member participation
Raise brand awareness PR Position flyers 2010 teacher announcements spring MAY SUMMER AUGUST new exec board planning
SWOT Analysis VP of Public
Relations created Threats Other business organizations using the same tools Goals: We mean business Three relationships
To increase member involvement
To increase awareness of the fraternity
To find new ways to spread the word out about PSE Start
Implementation The RIGHT One
For YOU Brand
Awareness speakers water bottles flyers endorsers Target Market Primary Secondary Tertiary Strategies Creating excitement by having more social events
Genrating participation online by revamping the website and using new media accounts
Creating enthusiasm about Recruitment by offering involvement points opportunities and fund ways of recruiting Strategies Creating excitement about the Chapter
Generating participation online
Creating enthusiasm about Recruitment Facebook Group Twitter Linkedin Website New Look facebook twitter linkedin press release pictures Website In Action FB Invites Status Updates Profile Pictures tweeting Excitement PR Efforts Pay Off Fall and Spring Recruitment

Non-Member Recognition Communication Executive Board

Within the PR Team

The PR team and the Chapter VP of Finance Emails
One-on-One Listserv
Chapter meetings Evaluation Membership
Newsletters and Website
Five new relationships
Resized PR Team Questions?
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