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Roman Architecture in Modern Day

No description

Liam cool

on 10 May 2016

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Transcript of Roman Architecture in Modern Day

Third, there are the domes. The Romans created domes for astronomy and worship. Later, in Medieval times, Romanesque cathedrals were made using a rotunda dome. Today, domes are used in buildings and sports stadiums.
Here are key features in Roman architecture.
See the difference?
Roman architecture contains main features that are implanted in modern day architecture. The Romans built structures similar to the Greeks, as when the Romans took over Greece, they took Greek culture as well. The Romans modified Greek architecture to make larger and longer standing structures. For example, Roman temples are larger and longer-lasting than Greek temples.
In France, Napoleon commissioned a statue that would reflect Trajan's Column. This was a structure built by Roman architects.
Before Roman architecture reached Western civilization, it spread in areas the Roman empire used to be.
Roman Architecture in Modern Day
by Liam Green

It can be found in commercial buildings, residential buildings, governmental buildings, or monumental structures.
The British Museum in Liverpool, England is a building inspired by the Maison Carree, a Roman temple in Nimes, France. The British Museum basically looks like a Roman temple.
Second, there are arches. Romans were also the first civilization to develop true, oval arches. Today, they are used in buildings and monumental structures, like the Washington Square Arch and the Arc de Triumphe
Thesis Statement
Roman architecture has contributed to and inspired many architectural feats, including those of modern day.
.The U.S. Capitol Building is inspired by Roman style. The design is a dome supported by wings with columns.
. A residential development in Washington Square, NYC is inspired by Roman design.
.The Washington Square Arch, in NYC is a monumental arch based off of the design of Romans.
Maison Carree
British Museum
Even buildings built in Rome itself were inspired by Roman style, like St. Peter's Basilica, the Catholic capitol. This cathedral used materials and designs from the Pantheon, a Roman place of worship.
The Colosseum,
in Rome, Italy.
Napoleon's Column
Roman and Greek temples today
First are the columns. They support buildings and add decoration to the structure. Romans were the first people to use them. They are still used today. There are three types of Roman columns.
1. Doric columns are standard used columns.
2.Ionic columns are more decorated than Doric columns
3. Corinthian columns are a totally decorated version of Ionic columns.
Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia
St.Paul's Cathedral in London, England
Roman architecture spreads through the tourists and attractions it receives for its style, making it renown across the world.
The Colosseum, for example, had a purpose as a gladiatorial arena in the Roman Empire. It could hold 50,000 people, and that amount of people could exit the arena in minutes. The arena has columns and arches surrounding it. The Colosseum gets about 3.9 million visitors each year.
The Pantheon, a worship temple built by the Romans is a rotunda building with a dome that has a 142 feet circumference. This building gets about 1 million visitors a year.
Another famous building, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, is known for its famous tilt. The tilt was a flaw in the base of the building. It's a Roman column and arch building, and was made as a communication bell tower. It gets over 1 million visitors each year.
Roman architecture has inspired modern day architecture. People use the boldness and authority in modern day places. There is a large amount of Roman-inspired buildings in America, from the Capitol Building, to even houses. Architects use features in the Romans' designs that are unique to them. Many amazing buildings in the Roman Empire, like the Colosseum, have proved how Roman style can be an inspiration. Roman architecture also spreads, as it is renown across the world.

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