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How to Be Extraordinary

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Cameron Plommer

on 6 October 2010

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Transcript of How to Be Extraordinary

Let me tell you a little secret The key to making things happen, getting things done, and creating extraordinary work is... ORGANIZATION What's that you say?

You aren't an organized person?

Not a problem! Everyone can be organized. All you need is a SYSTEM, that is customized to your unique needs. In Scott Belsky's book, Making Ideas Happen, he talks about a simple equation that Makes Ideas Happen. Creativity X Organization = Impact So no matter how creative you are, or how many world-changing ideas you have, if you aren't organized you will have little impact. An organization system is not something to be afraid of. A good system in fact when customized to you, will do wonders for your business and life overall Here is my simple equation of the benefits an organization system brings to your life 1. Great organization system 2. Clarity and Focus 5. PRODUCTIVITY You see, productivity is only one of the many benefits of an organization system.

In fact, it's only really a side-benefit of the first three
Increased Clarity and Focus
Increased Peace of Mind
Decreased Stress 3. Peace of Mind 4. Stress 6. Conditions for an Extraordinary Life and Work Equals
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