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jake kirkland

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Neurons

Jacob Kirkland

What is a neuron?
Neurons are specialized cells in the body that transmit information throughout the body and nervous system. This is the body's way of fast, long distance communication.
This is a neuron!
These specialized nerve cells are concentrated the most in the brain and nervous system.
Axons conduct electrical impulses away from the soma (cell body) and can be very large, running throughout the entire body.
Myelin Sheath- covers axon allowing for faster electrical signal transfer.
Schwann cell- forms a fatty tissue that wraps around the axon. This forms the myelin sheath.
Myelin sheath gaps- can create action potentials.
The soma, is the neuron's body cell and is responsible for cell regulation and support. Dendrites and axons are connected through the soma
Most protein synthesis happens in the nucleus. DNA is found in the nucleolus.
Axon Terminal
This is where the neuron signals are sent to other neurons from the axon's terminal to the other cell's dendrites.
Specific neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, epinepherine, and even amino acids such as glycine are transferred from vesicles to dendrites of a neighboring neuron.
the branch-like structures attached to the soma are dendrites. They receive signals from other neurons via the axon.
At the end of dendrites are receptors, where neurotransmitters from axons are received to transmit a signal from one neuron to the next.
The neuron is long and is made of conductive material through which electrical impulses can move through.
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