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A Ribbon of Friends

A Ribbon of Friends

Alexandra Sandstrom

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of A Ribbon of Friends

With eyes of blue and hair of brown,
A girl named Ella came to town. She was somewhat shy,
and always quiet.
Did what she was told,
never started a riot. Ella's best friend was her
shaggy dog, Jake.
They had a bond
no troubles could break. life was great,
life was grand
But Ella knew not
of the changes at hand. Mom came up to her one day,
and said, "Ella, dear, we're moving away." "Where are we going?"
she was upset!
"We're going out west dear,
Please don't fret!" So, they packed their bags
and got in their car
And drove away
to a place so far. On the way, the weather changed
from 80 to 40, the temperatures ranged. Then they reached
Forks, Washington.
It is in this cloudy town
that their new life begun. Driving through town, everyone stared.
For this new experience, Ella was unprepared. They unpacked their car;
made their house a home
And when she had free time,
Ella would roam. On one adventure, Ella
came upon a house of white.
She knocked on the door,
knowing the family wouldn't bite. But to her surprise, no one
answered her knock,
So she headed back home
around the block. Little did she know, there
was someone inside
And soon, one day, their
separate paths would collide. The next day was
the first day of school
She hoped she would fit in
with the kids that are cool. She was so nervous as
she tied back her hair
With a shiny red ribbon
to add some flair Ella pulled on her coat and
purple backpack.
she was ready for school as
She munched on a snack. Dad drove to school in
their beaten red truck;
It inched along like a
slow baby duck. Once again, she passed by
that old house of white
not knowing what would
happen in a fortnight As they pulled up to school,
Dad said, "have a great day!"
But Ella had her doubts as
she slowly walked away. "hi, I'm Eddie," he said with a smile.
"I like your hair ribbon, it adds style." that was it, that's all. Ella thought, "he just must be shy."
at the end of class, he only muttered, "goodbye." After class Ella wandered around.
Afraid she would trip,
she stared at the ground. As she walked into english,
she wondered what to do,
When out of nowhere,
someone shouted,
"pleased to meet you!" He held out his hand and said,
"my name is Mikey."
She thought, "he must be cool,
with that hair so spikey!" Mikey talked to Ella
that entire time,
But she just sat there
like a motionless mime. Then finally, the bell rang.
"It's time for lunch!"Mikey sang. Ella followed him into the cafe.
where she saw some
students and a big buffet. Mikey brought Ella to some kids at a table.
"these are my friends, Jessie, Angie and Benny Cable." Ella left Mikey, and got up
to get something to eat.
she saw Eddie in the back
corner at a table discrete so Ella took her sandwich over there
to see if there might be a seat to spare. sitting there next to
Eddie so peacefully,
was a tall, blonde boy,
who's as big as a tree! There were also some
girls sitting with them,
Their eyes just as pretty
as amber gems. Ella murmured, "hi Eddie, mind if I sit down?"
but Eddie's family members just gave her a frown. so Ella slowly turned to go sit with Mikey,
and all of his friends who were dressed in Nike. Ella talked to Eddie
the next day.
The two talked and
talked the day away. Eddie said, "Want to play baseball
with me after school?"
"It'll be Ali, Jack, Rosie and
Matt. we will totally rule!" Ella replied, "I would love to
come, but I'm not that great;
"maybe I'll just sit from
the side and wait." "ok. cool." Eddie answered. then the bell rang.
"and watch out for Jimmy, Lawrence and Tori.
they're a bad gang. after school, Ella went to the field.
all the way there, she kept her eyes peeled. as she watched the family practicing their game,
she thought, "that guy is good! wait, what was his name?" "His name is Matt," Eddie yelled
as he tossed the ball he held. The game went on,
and Eddie's team had won.
But it was time to get
home, it was 7:01! As she was walking back
from the field to her house,
Some kids crept up on her;
like a cat on a mouse. "Hey nice ribbon!"Jimmy,
Lawerence and Tori would shout.
But Ella ignored them
and continued on her route. after a minute, they caught up to her.
the next few minutes all seemed like a blur. soon, a familiar voice came near,
it said, "hey, I'll save you! have no fear!" Next thing Ella knew, the three ran away.
Eddie quickly said, "Ella are you okay?" Ella managed to squeak, "I scratched my arm."
"we should get to a doctor before there's more harm." Before she knew it, she was
in the white house that was old.
She couldn't believe her eyes.
"Hold your arm up!" She was told. "Carl's my dad, he's a
doctor." Eddie explained
Carl said, "If you just sit
still, you won't be pained.". In a couple of minutes, Ella was set to go.
Eddie walked her home, and they walked pretty slow. They became best friends from that day on,
From TWILIGHT until the BREAKING DAWN. There were so many students
in the long, crowded hall.
Ella wondered if she'd
ever get to know them all. She came into science
carrying an office pass,
But there was just one
seat in the back of the class. Quietly, she sat down on a stool at the long lab table,
Next to a boy so perfect, he could have been from a fable. The rest of that Tuesday had passed by so slowly
Ella dodged students like a terrified goalie. A Ribbon of Friends
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