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The Hero's Journey: The Hunger Games

Katniss's journey through District 12, and the arena, and how it changed her.

Zoey Canfield

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of The Hero's Journey: The Hunger Games

Reward: Medicine
Now, Katniss is about to die, and if I haven't explained sponsors earlier in the presentation, sponsors are people who are rooting for a certain tribute, (the Hunger Games is televised) and when that tribute is on the verge of death, the sponsors' gifts appear to help them, and even save your life. Katniss is suffering, in an extreme amount of pain, and is stuck in a tree with a 75 degree burn. (I don't know how bad the burn is in reality) Suddenly, a parachute with a metal container appears above her. It lands next to her and Katniss figures out that it is medicine for burns. She applies it generously, and when she wakes up, the burn is nearly gone.
The Hero's Journey:
The Hunger Games
Directed by: Gary Ross

Call to Adventure: The Reaping
The Reaping of the year comes and Katniss's 12 year old sister, Primrose is chosen. The rule is that you can volunteer for someone if they get called, and you go in their place. So, Katniss volunteered for her sister to protect her from going into the arena. Peeta Mellark is called for the boys, and Katniss flashbacks to when she cold and starving, and Peeta threw a loaf of bread to her. Peeta's family owns a bakery, and is not as poor as Katniss is.
Meeting with the Mentor: Haymitch Abernathy
Each team from the districts gets a mentor to give them advice for survival. The mentors were former winners of the Hunger Games, which are technically called victors. Haymitch is always drinking, and always drunk. So, you can imagine how scared Katniss must be, considering her only shot at winning besides her skill at hunting, is not functioning properly. Haymitch is occasionally sober-emphasis on "occasionally"- so he is sometimes helpful.
Tests, Allies, Enemies: Training, Rue, and Cato
Katniss is required to go to training, where the tributes are all gathered to learn survival skills whilst in the arena. Katniss makes many enemies and few friends when she is in training. She meets Rue, who reminds her of Prim. They both have names that are named after flowers, they are both 12, and both small and shy. Katniss also meets Cato, Clove, Marvel and Glimmer. Cato is very good with swords, Clove is good with the knife, Marvel is good with spears, and Glimmer is good with the bow and arrow, like Katniss. However, the four of them end up hating Katniss, and the feeling is very mutual. Cato and Clove are from District 2, and Glimmer and Marel are from District 1.
Ordeal: The Arena, The Fire, The Burn
At last Katniss is in the arena. When Katniss is walking to go and find water, she becomes too close the edge of the arena, so the Gamemakers, (their job is self-explanitory) turn her around by starting a fire. Katniss turns around, but burns her leg severely in the process. Katniss comes very close to death.
Ordinary World: District 12
Katniss Everdeen is a 16 year old girl who lives in District 12. District 12 is 1 out of the 12 districts in Panem; North America in the future. Each District serves the Capitol. District 12 does coal mining and gives it to the Capitol. The Capitol, District 1, and District 2 are rich, but the rest of the people live in poverty, especially District 10, 11, and 12. There used to be 13 districts, however, District 13 rebelled against the Capitol, and the Capitol bombed District 13, leaving Panem with 12. As a reminder of the Capitol's power, the Hunger Games was created. Each year the Capitol would reap one boy and one girl tribute of the ages 12-18 from each district to fight to the death in an arena.
Resurrection: Mutated Wolves, Cato's Death
At this point in the movie, only 4 tributes are left- Katniss, Peeta, Thresh, and Cato. So, to end the games, the Gamemakers create a mutated, man-eating, bloodthirsty, demonic pack of wolves. The wolves eat Thresh first, a large boy from District 11. Katniss and Peeta hear him screaming, and run for the Cornucopia. They climb up on top of the structure, but the pack catches up with them, and hurts Peeta's leg very badly. Peeta and Katniss get up on the top after a little wrestling with the wolves, only to find Cato, their arch-nemesis already there with half of his face covered in blood. Cato shoves Katniss's head just over the edge of the Cornucopia so that her head is just out of the wolves' reach. Peeta shoves him off of her in attempt to save her, but Cato then grabs Peeta in a headlock. Katniss loads her bow quickly and aims at Cato's face, however, if she shoots, Peeta goes down with him. Peeta taps Cato's hand gently, to signal for Katniss to shoot his hand. Katniss shoots Cato's hand, and Cato falls off of the Cornucopia and into the pack of wolves, who start eating Cato, and he screams in agony as he slowly and painfully dies. Katniss saves him the pain by shooting him in the head from a distance with her arrow.
Resurrection (cont.): A Handful of Berries
Peeta and Katniss sleep on the Cornucopia, and when they wake up and announcement comes on. "Ladies and gentleman, the previous rule change has been...revoked. Now only one may win. Good luck. And may the odds be ever in your favor." Katniss and Peeta look at each other. Peeta backs up. "Go ahead. One of us has to die. They have to have their victor." Katniss throws down her bow. "No. They don't." Katniss pulls out a handful of nightlock, a berry so lethal, if you eat it, you'll be dead in a minute. Peeta tries to stop her, but she hands him some and says, "Trust me." They count to three and are about to eat them at the same time but an another announcement comes on and says that the both of them can win.
Return with Elixir: Victor's Village
At last, Peeta and Katniss return to District 12 and are placed in a new neighborhood built especially for the victors of District 12. So Peeta and Katniss's families live in the Victor's Village with Haymitch. Katniss no longer has to go hunting with Gale, her best friend, because she is rich now and can afford to buy meat with money. Her sister and mother are overjoyed that their daughter and sister returned alive, and that all their issues with poverty are now solved.
Written and designed by Zoey
Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen
Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark
Liam Hemsworth as Gale Hawthorne
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