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Margaret Peterson Haddix

No description

Shannon Cross

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Margaret Peterson Haddix

Margaret Peterson Haddix
By Zoe Lee

Margaret Peterson Haddix grew up near Washington Court House on a farm. As a child, Margaret Peterson Haddix loved to read. She also took part in many activities such as acting, running, singing, and playing the piccalo.
Haddix went to college at Miami University. She married a man named Doug Haddix and then she wrote her first book
Running Out of Time
and then
Don't You Dare Read This Mrs. Dunphrey
When Margaret Peterson Haddix was a child, she wanted to be an author. The only problem with that is when she was a child, that job was considered an unwise career choice. So after college she chose journalism instead.
When she was young, she loved reading and observing people. Also when she was young she loved to read.
Her mom used to say things like," Would you guys stop reading and look outside the window? That's the Grand Canyon we're driving past!"
Margaret Peterson Haddix once said,"I am not just what I remember. I am also what I dream."
"There is nothing more valuable than
the printed word," Margaret Peterson Haddix
once said.
Margaret Peterson Haddix was honered
by the following awards: Children's Book Award, Best Book For Young Adults Award, Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers Award, and the National Kids Award.
The End!
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