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Motivation Concept Map

A concept map of all the ideas we have discussed so far in motivational psychology

Lauren Campbell

on 16 September 2010

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Transcript of Motivation Concept Map

the allocation of
your time and effort Emotions Happiness Emotional
Situations Exercize We have control over
our own Happiness
(at least around 40% control) effort Situational factors
only control
10% of our happiness I personally find it hard
to get the motivation to
exercise, but the pyschological
effects in Spark give me more
motivation Behavior is motivated
by emotions Hedonic Adaption and
the Set Point Situations often seem worse
than they are. In the future,
we will remember them in relation
to our set point Our set point accounts
for the last 50% of
our Happiness Facial expressions Arousal Affect Being a very impulsive person,
I am often motivated to action
based on the arousal of my emtions Exercise develops the hippocampus,
which affects both our learning as
well as physical development It also stimulates the brain Going for a run helps
me calm down when I am
angry or upset
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