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Input and Output Devices

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Heidi Woodward

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Input and Output Devices

Input and Output Devices By- Heidi Woodward 7P.2
Input Devices
Input Devices-

1) Keyboard
2) Mouse
3) Scanner
4) Steering Wheel
5) USB
6) Joy-stick
7) Memory Stick
8) Microphone
9) Discs
10) Memory Card
11) Digital camera
12) Webcam

Output Devices
1) Printer
2) Speakers
3) Headphones
4) Monitor
5) Projector
6) Computer
7) Photo copier
8) Television
9) Pocket electronic devices

Input Device-
Keyboards are normally used to type in data into the device (normally its a computer-desktop/laptop.) They can also be used for video games and the television by connecting the keyboard with a USB cable to the other device.
Input Device- Mouse
A mouse is used to click on things and it helps to copy things and information. A mouse can be plugged into a device (a computer) or if you have a laptop a mouse is normally already on it! You can also get a mouse which has no cable or isn't already on the 'device.' These type of mouses are called wireless mouse.
A steering wheel is either used for driving a vehicle or playing car/racing games. In games that you play a steering wheel is imported to the device or sometimes you can have a wireless one.
Input Device- Steering Wheel
With an USB cable you can import it into; a computer; a mobile; an ipod and ipad; a television etc...
It can transport things from one thing to another
E.G: Plug it into the computer and also plug the phone on the other end they are both then connected and can transport data from eachother.
Input Device- USB
A Joystick is an input device consisting of a stick that pivots on a base and reports its angle or direction to the device it is controlling. They are often used to control video games. They also are used for controlling machines such as cranes, trucks, underwater unmanned vehicles, wheelchairs, surveillance cameras, and zero turning radius lawn mowers.
Input Device- Joystick
Input Device- Memory Stick
A memory stick can hold information from the device you plug it in too. Documents and data can be saved and every time you insert it into the device it will all be there.
A microphone is helped to input audio into the device. They are used for; VOIP; voice recognition; computer gaming; online chatting; recording voice for dictation, singing and podcasts and recording musical instruments.
Input Device- Microphone
With discs you can burn songs/ documents/ pictures etc. With special types of discs like ones that say ROM on the end once you have burned stuff onto the disc you can only read it. You cant alter anything. The thing with discs is that they can be an output device as well.
Input device- Discs
With webcam you can either plug one in with a USB cable like shown on the image or on laptops there is normally one built into the device. The use of webcam is to call other people through internet and you can see them and chat to them.
Input device- Webcam
A memory card holds saved documents, audios, images and data. They can be inserted into any type of computer, a camera, Mobile phone, media devices etc.
Input Device- Memory card
A digital camera aka (camera) is used to take photos and sometimes can record audios. The photos or audios you have taken are saved to the memory card you have in the camera. Someone called Steven Sasson invented digital cameras.
Input Device- Digital camera
Input device- Scanner
A scanner imports data and documents into the device. It can also bring information out of the device and other things out which you copy. You can only put data from the scanner to the computer. You cant put data from the computer to the scanner.
Output device- Projector
A projector is an output device that can take the display of a computer screen and project a large version of it onto a flat surface. Projectors are often used in meetings and presentations to help make sure everyone in the room can view the presentation. Projectors used with computers are small devices that are rarely much larger than a toaster and typically weigh a few pounds.
Output device- Printer
A Printer comes out as a hard copy of data. It can also print out images. You can print things different ways you can have it in colour or it can be black and white. You can only have 'information' coming out of the printer. you cant have 'information' coming out of it. The only thing that goes in is paper/photo paper. The first printer was invented by Gary Starkweather.
Speakers bring out audios (music.) All they do is make the music louder than it already is on the device.
Output device- Speakers
Headphones (aka beats) also give out music. They can bring out audios but they are built that way and called headphone because they go on the head and they keep the sound to just go through to the ears. Nobody around you cat hear as the 'audio' is kept in within the ears.
Output device-Headphones
Its an electronic device but isn't a pocket version like iPod and phones etc. Its an output because it gives you back data and you can save things onto the monitor. A monitor is the screen on which words, numbers, and graphics can be seem. Also its basically a computer/ television etc.
Output device- Monitor
Output device- Pocket electronic devices
The first electronic device which was invented was by a man called Joseph Henry in 1835. The device was called the relay, a remote switch controlled by electricity. Pocket electronic devices are entertainment devices. They include; IPods; IPads; Phones; DSI; Ipad mini etc. All the pocket devices give pictures; apps; web pages; music; audios; games and text etc. They are all entertainment things for all ages.
There are many output devices in a computer. An example of ten output devices for a computer would include a speaker, headphone, monitor, and printer. It will also include a projector, plotter, braille embosser, television, microphone, and a camera.
Output device- Computer
Sometimes with photocopiers they have a printer built into them as well as other electric users. The first photo copier was invented by a man called James Watt.
Output device- photocopier
A TV is an output because it displays information through the screen. It also puts sound out through the speakers built into it and it bring images out through the screen. A TV is a way of entertainment.
Output device- Television
Thank you for listening and watching my prezi presentation I hope you enjoyed it! xx
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