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Copy of DIY Stores

No description

Eva Swiderska

on 15 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of DIY Stores

DIY Stores
Amie Monreal
Ewa Swiderska, Michael Calloway,

As DIY Stores built its online presence, how well did it organize around its core capabilities?
DIY Stores is a large National Chain. What Impact did its size have on its agility?
Nationwide chain
Sales Associates
Ideas & Advice
Competition: Internet
Solution: Online experts

As stated in the book, the company hires avid do-it-yourselfers and retired trade workers, assigns them to work in departments where their known-how is relevant.
Provide training
Vice president said: "The company's salespeople were its base of knowledge."
How could DIY increase
its agility in responding
to the importance of
the Internet?
Offering a three day training
Regional managers choose
employees with 8 years of
experience to work for the
website and to provide an
online presence.
Core capabilities: Knowledge, expertise,
skill that underlies a company's ability
to be a leader in providing a range of
specific goods or services.
Phone services
A forum on the website
Social Networking
The End
-With a rapid growing company they can expand.
-The bigger the company the bigger the name.
-This is a very technical world that people will find the online resources and phone lines useful and can in return be good customer service.
-The company website being so broad could give too many ways to do a task instead of the simplistic.
-There are many competitions that have the small projects
-The website could cause more people referring to the web instead of actually going into the store
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