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phillips jordan

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Designs

Different Types Of Designing Cake Designing Cake Designing is when you carefully sculpt a cake design and make a creative design for the topping. Cookie Designing Cookie designing is like cake designing but with cookies and you don't have to sculpt icing. cupcake designing cupcake designing is like cake designing but with cup sized cakes. Fruit Designing Fruit Designing is when you cut fruit into certain shapes & arranges them into patterns. Drink Designing Drink designing is when you mix different flavors of drinks together. Dress Designing Dress Designing is when you take patterns of cloths and put them together to make good fashions. Clothes Designing Clothes Designing is when you take fabrics cut them sow them together and decorate them up on models. Candy Designing Candy Designing is when you take sugars and other things that i cannot pronounce at put them together. Bye!!!!
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