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Hand-Scapes Pencil Drawing

No description

April Smith

on 30 August 2018

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Transcript of Hand-Scapes Pencil Drawing

Hand-Scapes Pencil Drawing
Students will:
Draw hands from LIFE - careful observation
Combine realistic hand drawing in fantasy "scape"
Utilize elements of design - show good composition skills/principles of design = Value Shading
1. draw skeleton hand
2. skeleton hand with muscles and sinew
3. draw hand as we see it
4. Must come up with an environment in which to place your drawing of your hand.

{Must portray the hand as a prominent, totally unusual and unexpected "character" in its environment.}
Surreal/Fantasy Art
Salvador Dali
Rene Magritte
Salvador Dali:
Painter, sculptor, writer, and filmmaker, Salvador Dali (1904-1989) was one of the century's greatest exhibitionists and eccentrics and was rewarded with fierce controversy wherever he went.
Rene Magritte:
Photography, drawing, and influenced German and American contemporary art.
Student Examples
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