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Hassan Kadiri

on 13 June 2016

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Transcript of THE 5 SPHERES OF EARTH

The Five Spheres of Earth
By Hassan Kadiri

What are the Five Spheres of Earth?
The 5 Spheres of Earth are:
Lithosphere(also referred to as the Geosphere)
How Do These Spheres Work?
The Biosphere
The Biosphere consists All living things on Earth.
In Fact, the name biosphere comes from the word "life sphere" because bio- means "life".
So every living thing on Earth is apart of the biosphere
The lithosphere, also known as Geosphere, consists of Rocks minerals and landforms it extends from the Earths core to crust
Also, the prefix Geo- means something related to earth
The Hydrosphere is made up of water, but only in its liquid form.
Clouds are also included in the Hydrosphere.
The earth is made up of more than 70% water, so the hydrosphere is 70% of earth
The atmosphere is made up of invisible gases
The majority of the atmosphere is MADE up of oxygen and nitrogen
There are 5 layers in the atmosphere: Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere and Exosphere
The Cyrosphere consists of frozen water and snow.
The locations are anywhere on Earth where the temperature is constantly under 0 degrees celsius
Forest Fire
A forest fire starts either naturally or unnatural. It happens when a fire starts in a forest
The spheres that are producing this system are the biosphere, atmosphere, and geosphere.
Natural fires are generally started by lightning.
When humans cause it, it could be smoking, recreation, equipment, etc.
Forest Fire Continued...
The energy that creates this system is heat (thermal energy)
Fire scientist study forest fires
Fire scientist measure fires with a Cone Calorimeter
This is a device that is used to study the fire behavior of materials in their condensed phase.
Air Pollution
All the 5 spheres are interacting
Atmosphere is the air
Hydrosphere involves acid rain
Acid rain could affect Geosphere and biosphere
Cyrosphere is when gases get stuck in ice.
Interacts with all 5 spheres
Geosphere is affected because earthquake shake ground
Biosphere becomes a disaster after an earthquake
Hydrosphere + Earthquake = Tsunami
Atmosphere because earthquake could create dust and pollution in the air

Volcanoes interact with 4 sphere
Atmosphere because ash fills the air when volcano erupts
Geosphere because rock it being pushed out of Earths surface
Biosphere because when lava touches the ground it disrupts it
Hydrosphere because the lava goes downhill and touches water (If water is around volcano)
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