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Hell's Angels

No description

grant laugherty

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Hell's Angels

Double click anywhere & add an idea Hell's Angels Stereotype Where do you find them? Charity Crime/underground activities The first founded in San Bernardino, California Hairy, old, fat, tatted up The most common thing to be thought of when on hears news about this group is the crime which they are related to. Although it all started in California it has spread to New Zealand, Europe, Brazil, Chile, Canada, Finland, Croatia, France, Italy, Holland, Greece, Germany, Luxemberg, and the list goes on. Their are two countries with charters awaiting Poland and iceland Requirements for admission
-White male
-must have a valid motorcycle licence
-must have a working motorcycle
-cannot be a child molestor or have applied to be a police officer
The hell's angels host many events that range from public parties with live bands to rides across the country which they are from. at any of these events donations are asked for which they in turn send to other charities and organizations. The poker run is a large ride in florida where the Hell's Angels had 600 participants. money collected was donated to charity. A famous saying of the Angels is,"when we do right nobody remembers, but we we do wrong nobody ever forgets." MEMBERSHIP
One must go through a process starting at becoming a hang around then associate, after that a prospect, and finally a full patch or full member
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