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on 19 December 2012

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COCHISE COLLEGE OUR FULL TIME Students FIRST TIME tools student development marketing 606 SERVED 2,189 Our Reach h.s. mailer 3000- 5000 students 6x year Eastern
College students SERVED full time STUDENTS 2,381 550 @ email campaign 2300 / 150 h.s. students 6x year Sept 11th Sept 12th Sept 13th Sept 13th Sept 17th Initial contact
via form on
EAC website Sept 24th Oct 9th SEPT 24th Nov 7th Nov 13th Personalized

Given password
& user name for
V.I.P page Personalized
to attend
"Preview Days" Mini Packet:
8 page booklet
Personalized letter

V.I.P page info
user name & PW Invite to "Preview Days" 10/20

Free tickets to
tailgate party

Register for event
online, by phone, or via V.I.P. page Branded, generic sales pitch

Invite to 10/20
"Preview Days" Large Packet:
Personalized letter
V.I.P. page info

28 page view book

6 page mini brochure
on "Preview Days" Personalized email

"Last Chance"
to register for
"Preview Days 10/20 Postcard
to 12/7
"Preview Days" Sales pitch, generic

for 12/7 "Preview Days" 9 CONTACTS vs. 1-2 CONTACTS (Does not include phone contacts) ........................................................... We gather prospective student info in person and via a unique website Follow up contact
for web / mailer queries Follow up contact / thank you
for students met on tour How do we
get from here to there? IT TAKES a team H.S. Recruiting Tour

Data Entry


Student Tours Recruiter 2 half-time clerks 20 Work Study Student Ambassadors How does this
affect us? Student candidate follow up is poor.
Ranges from immediate to 90 days Specialized
Software ...or, Tami & Tina are Where?! Prospective students respond via toll free number , Q.R. code and web address Random event reminders
may also go to h.s. students who
have expressed interest FULL TIME students OUTREACH & FOLLOW UP 2 1 18 10 4 6 70+ 25+ 5 5 5 2 2 5 FULL TIME FIRST TIME H.S. Recruiting Tour All data entry Prospective student tours
All fulfillment for mailings RECRUITING Potential students feel less
welcome and wanted. Important with a neighboring
school being very focused on it. Return on investment is
not maximized.
The resources we invest in outreach,
travel, printing cost, promotional
items, and creative are measured
against the number of h.s. students
who choose to apply.

Poor follow up = wasted time and $ A consistent model to
adhere to would help with: Budgeting and production.
-No surprises.

Helpful in verifying which
elements are effective.

Staff changes would less
impact the recruiting effort. FOLLOW UP ROI CONSISTENCY Solutions: MARKETING Develops a system of
collateral that is
consistently branded.
The message is informative
and encourages students
to feel welcome and wanted STUDENT DEVELOPMENT
/ RECRUITING AND Add full-time data
entry person / fulfillment
supervisor Develop student
ambassadors to aid with
tours and fulfillment IT Explore BANNER
SYSTEM for generating
automated/ personalized
response emails.
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