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For the students in Belize

Colin Davis

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Pirates

Blackbeard with your hand. Famous pirates Blackbeard
Anne Bonny
John "Calico Jack" Rackham
Mary Read
Henry "Long Ben" Avery
William "Billy" Lewis
Stede "the gentleman pirate" Bonnet
Charles Vane
William Kidd Information on Blackbeard Blackbeard's real name was Edward Thatch or Teach. He was alive in the 1600-1700. The most famous ship of his was the Queen Annes Revenge. He got it at the war of Queen Annes. He got the ship in 1717. He died in 1718 and he was born in 1680. 1. The most fearsome creatures on these seven seas Pirates Argh!!!!!!
By: colin Pirate weapon Cutlass
Boarding cannons
Grappling Iron. Definition A pirate is a person that does piracy.
Piracy is an act of typical robbery made by people. Pirates lived mostly around in the 1600 through 1700. Myth or not pirate game. Would they throw people over board? Did Pirates have parotts? Did they really maroon bad pirates? Did pirates really bury treasure? Truth or myth game Yes, they did trow pirates over board if food supply was getting low. Pirates usually had parrots you will learn more in the second last slide. Did pirates ever have peg legs? If he or she lost a leg she or he would get a wooden leg same with arm except with hook. If pirates tried to take over the captains job they were marooned with only a bottle of water and a pistol with one bulet. Pirates only burried there treusure if they were about to get caught Pirate talk Ahoy- Hello
Aft- rear of the ship
Ballast- A ship stabilizer
Belay- be quiet
Bilge- silly talk/ lower area of the ship
Blimey- suprised
Blockade- to block or barakade a ship
Bow- front part of the ship
Bowsprit- A spar at a ships prow Ballad of Captain Kidd North Carolina Pirates attacked North Carolina because they didn't have a strong government so they could go into peoples houses and steal food and stuff. What pirates eat Pirates ate stews and soups with fish and patatoes in them. They drank rum and wine. Hangout Blackbeard, born Edward Teach, may have been born in Jamaica, but claims to his birth are also made in Bristol, England and in Carolina. Wherever he was born, this feared pirate is said to have led attacks with burning matches woven into his beard.
Another notorious pirate, was captured, brought to Jamaica, and hung at Gallows Point. Jack Rackham, known as "Calico Jack," began his career as a part of Vane's crew.
Calico Jack was also caught off the coast of Jamaica while staying too near the island after attacks on the coast in 1720. His presence near Ocho Rios was announced to the governor, Sir Nicholas Lawes, who sent Captain Barnet to capture Calico Jack. He was quickly captured, and the Court of Vice Admiralty was the trial.
Calico Jack was executed, and his body was displayed in an iron frame as a warning to other pirates on a small islet off of Port Royal - one which is known as Rackham's Cay to this day. Types of ships There are 3 different types of ships. Sloop- weighed a little bit less than 100 tons

Schooner- weighed a little bit more than the sloop

Brigantine- biggest more than 300 tons Pirates best freinds Why would a pirate want a parrot?
However, there are many logical reasons for keeping a parrot.
They don’t eat a lot, a very good thing if there is little food left on the boat. They aren’t very big, so if there isn’t much food on board the crew won’t try to eat them. They like people, so they won’t attack the crew.
They can be taught tricks, a great way to pass time on those long boring cruises. They can keep you company, even if what they say is sometimes not the right thing. They can talk, which makes them seem smarter than your average pet. They make you look important, after all how many talking parrots are there at sea? They can talk, which makes them seem smarter than your average pet. They were worth a lot of money, no wonder every pirate wanted one. Pirates probably got their parrots from the wild, off of uninhabited islands they visited or they stole them in the same way they stole gold and jewels.
All in all an ideal companion for a pirate who spends most of his life at sea. Firstmates There is an abundance of legends concerning Blackbeard. One says that he shot his own first mate, because ‘if he didn’t shoot one now and then, they’d forget who he was.’ .. . . Did you like it? Yes No Blackbeard's Flag Blackbeard Do not watch video
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