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Remote Workers

Open Discussion On Advantages and Disadvantages of Remote Working

Brenda Moreno

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of Remote Workers

Remote Workers
Humans do not like change.
Not everyone can work remotely.
Failure - always run pilots
Trust - Nervous Supervisors
Does require change and training both technical and communication.
HR Department
Other Departments
Allow employees to incorporate work life and personal life into a natural ebb and flow
Working any where, not just from employees home.
Employees take responsibility for work hours.
Improving workflow systems
Create policies for your individual location (Yearly Review).
Provide security/communication tools for all employees.
"No Hour Work Week"
Respect co-workers time,
focus on priorities, create positive environment, take leisure time
Happy Employees:
Remote Workers - Having A Clear Vision
Start with information technology workers
to produce the road map to seamlessly incorporate remote working tools into daily activities.
Employee retention
Employee engagement
Team Building/Network building flexibility
Cost Savings - office space and vehicle
Increased trust
Belief in your employees changes office dynamics.
Time for employees to work/relax their bodies.
Improve communication/listening skills
Increased time/focus for thinking, both creative and strategic.
Happy employees are important
Non-monetary rewards
Produce tools, strategies, techniques and training to allow remote workers to excel in their work.
Communication is a main consideration for managers working with remote workers. Technology such as email, instant messaging, video conferencing and regular or cell phones can help remedy communication problems.
Clear expectations about job performance should be given to workers who telecommute.
“Office workers reported significantly greater levels of stress due to interruptions compared to teleworkers.”
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