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enrique iglesias

No description

Mickey Darmento

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of enrique iglesias

Enrique Iglesias Born in Madrid, Spain Born: May 8, 1975 Dating Anna Kournikova- a tennis player. He attended the University of Miami and studied business. Before being known as Enrique Iglesias, he used the name Enrique Martinez. Enrique recieved the 1996 Grammy for Best Latin Performer, 1996's Billboard Artist of the Year, Billboard's Album of the Year for his album Vivir. He earned to American Music awards, a World Music Award, two ACE Performer of the Year awards, and ASCAP prizes for Best Composer of 1996 and 1997. Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler He has sold over 60 millions albums worldwide. His parents divorced in 1978, and his father left Spain and moved to Miami, Florida. Because of his father's famous music, he didn't want his last name to help boost his career. he wanted to make it on his own without help. He has worked as a singer/ songwriter, actor, and a model. Enrique's career started in high school when he performed in his school production of Hello, Dolly. "But if it's a good song that touches people's hearts, people will come see you in concert 10 years from now just to hear you sing that song,"
~Enrique Iglesias. Enrique prefered the simple things in life and was never one to take advantage of his privileged position. He is a current world known artist. :) Enrique's albums are:
Enrique Iglesias (1995)
Vivir (1997)
Cosas Del Amor (1998)
Enrique (1999)
Escape (2001)
Sever (2003)
Quizaz (2003)
Insomniac (2007)
95/08 (2008)
Greatest Hits (2008)
and his newest album coming out in July 2010.
Enrique's music has had a strong influence on everyone who has heard it. Although he isn't as popular now as he was before, he's still around. Today you can find his music on many myspaces and in facebook status. I think that Enrique has a lot of passion for his music and it shows. The enddddd :]
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