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Video Games

No description

Alex Hollis

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of Video Games

Technologies Institutions Audience Issues Future Production
Marketing & exchange Blu- ray Discs to give HD graphics. Games shops, Amazon, ebay etc.
Synergy was used to further adverisation. Trailers on PS3 and Xbox were used aswell. Spin off games. Production With the production of GTA IV, came many issues that medded to be addressed . The Game had to excel in graphics from the predecessors and go with the times.

Rockstar needed to think about new ways of incorporating a new storyline into their game.
Many stereo-typical assets were used in previous games so a new strategy needes to be created.and even though the battle ws lost i fell like waqer caused it i spent too much energy ojn it honestly i exhausted and im so caught up in t i feel im the one who caused it, it's not what im in hip hop for its not why I got in it. i created a monster soso nobody wants to call me marshall no more the say shady hes chopped liver.. well if you want shady thios is what i;l giove ya a lil bitta wee mixed with some hard liquor a shock from thwe doc at the hospital by the doctor when im not cooprerating while m rockng thw tabkle wnhy he is opratingHEY! ypu waitingg so long so stop debating coz im back im on the arag and ovulating.. i know that ypou got a job miss xhaney buit toyour husbands heart problems complitcatded so the fcc wont let me be or klet me beme so let me see.. they try to shut me down on mtv.. but it feels so empty without me .. so cu
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