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Problem & Solution of learning english in Bangladesh

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Sania Afrin

on 22 April 2016

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Transcript of Problem & Solution of learning english in Bangladesh

Problem & Solution Of Learning English
In Bangladesh

English is used as a foreign language in Bangladesh. Still, English is taught & learnt here as a compulsory subject because of its increasing importance. But the journey of learning English towards a desired goal is slowed down by various pebbles of problems.
Why it is needed to learn english?
English is a second language in Bangladesh. But there are many importance of English both in Bangladesh & foreign country.
To get jobs, to go for higher study, to communicate with the foreign peoples, for career growth there is no alternative to learn English.
problems of learning english in bangladesh:
There are many problems of learning English in Bangladesh.
36% people of Bangladesh live under the poverty line.
Where the people can not get the proper food, the proper way to live, there how can people think to learn English!
Bangladesh is an agricultural country & most of the people lead their life in villages with agriculture. For this they just speak in Bengali. Therefore, they don't get any scope for speak in English.
problems of...............(cont'd)
parents confusion:
Parents are confused with where to send their children - an English medium school or a Bangla medium school. English, for its global image and demand, and Bangla, for its national and first language, are the staple mediums of instruction in educational institutions in Bangladesh.
educational structure:
One of the major problems of learning English in Bangladesh is the structure of education system. There are lots of pressure of studying. They got so many projects, assignments. They have large syllabus. For this if they have will to learn English, they can not get time to learn some English from outside of their syllabus.
rote learning:
Rote Learning Learners put more importance on getting better grades. They think that rote learning will ensure them to get good marks. That is why they rely much on private coaching, guide books and memorized answers.
lack of practice:
To learn English there are four skills. But the four skills are not given equal importance. Reading and writing skills are only emphasized. Examinations are taken on reading and writing skills only. Listening and speaking skills remain neglected to the teachers and learners.
solutions of learning english in bangladesh:
Every single problem has a solution. So, there are also solutions of learning English in Bangladesh.
Home is the first place from where one can start to learn English. Parents should encourage their children to learn English. They should help their children to
complete their assignments, to make their projects so that they feel that they feel free & can spent time to learn English.
teachers training:
Teachers should be trained more & more about how they can help the students to learn English.
inviting good techers in primary school:
Primary schools are the first stage of learning English. So there should invite the expert teachers who can create the curiosity of learning English among the students.
solutions of.........(cont'd)
Learning should give in interesting way. There are many ways to teach the students about learn English. They can taught by singing, poem, using easy English.
regular practice:
social media & network sites:
Our country's school syllabus should be re designed. If there are less pressure of study then the students would curious to learn English.
As there are some problems to learn English, there are also many solutions. If the people of Bangladesh start learning English seriously, their proficiency level in Bangladesh would be good & wherever they go they would be able to uphold the image of Bangladesh.
1. Introduction
2. Why it is needed to learn English in Bangladesh?
3. Problems of learning English in Bangladesh
4. Solutions of learning English in Bangladesh
5. Conclusion
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