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Moonface: Short Story Analysis

No description

Eri Papa

on 11 November 2015

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Transcript of Moonface: Short Story Analysis

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Now flip over your card!
Look for people with the same card as you.

: Objective.
: In a village long ago.
: Happy and fun at first, but becomes tragic because of Maurice's sickness.
Trigger Incident:
When Maurice gets sick for a long period of time and becomes very weak.
Rising Action
The townspeople begin to turn on Maurice
Maurice's family is targeted
Maurice sees a ball of light and explores the area around it
When Maurice becomes friends with the other Moonface.
Falling Action & Resolution
Maurice feels happier and stronger now that he has a friend.
Moonface asks Maurice to return to Moonface's home planet with him, but Maurice declines and decides to give his community another chance to accept him.
The Human Race is a Strange Race
Tone & Style
Maurice "Moonface" Wellington
face as round as the moon, wide eyes
full of life, understanding, compassionate, forgiving
At first he is fun to be around and popular, then he becomes feared, outcast
grateful to have met Maurice
Character VS Society
Conflict: Maurice becomes ill and the towns people neglect him and his family
Wouldn't buy his family's corn
Slashed he car tires
Set the tool shed on fire

By: Richardo Keens-Douglas

The illness
Maurice's friend Moonface
The light
Moonface's friends
“ People fear what they don't understand and hate what they can’t conquer.”
- Andrew Smith
Thank you
Happy and lively
Becomes sad because of Maurice's illness
Happy yet again because Maurice has made a friend and is no longer lonely
The style of this story is a fantasy.
How one unfortunate event can change someones life in an instant
You realize who your true friends are when you become less in society
We have prepared a Kahoot to see if you were listening and if you remember anything from your own analysis. Please take out your phones or other devices if you have one.
Maurice being cured
Maurice not knowing hes cured
Moonface was an alien the whole time
You will be making plays!
They will be scored on creativity, accuracy, and quality of the acting.

It was a hot July day
Maurice's sickness had returned
The figure aproaching with a bright light
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