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The War in Uganda

No description

Samantha Sluder

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of The War in Uganda

My thesis: The Civil war in Uganda needs specific attention and aid from the international community to be completely reconciled. Previous Involvement Current Situation A Finish to the Injustice The Start of a Civil War Alice Lakwena and Holy Spirit Movement Acholi People Joseph Kony and the LRA The War in Uganda History of War What's happened since this all started. The Horrible LRA
John Ochola Ugandan President ,Yoweri Museveni, isn't helping. How the United Nations and other groups have aided in the past Not too much, actually Jan Egeland, the UN Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs and Hum. Relief Corrdinator in 2003, said the war in Uganda is "... among the worst on the planet." (Pike 2) What is the UN and what can they do anyway? The UN and UNICEF But talking isn't enough The Injustice of the "Invisible Children" The UN estimated that 30,000 children have been abducted, 1/3 of them sex slaves. (Anderson 3) Justin Tanya, a civil engineer in Gulu, said " Almost every family is affected in one way or another. They have all lost a son. They have lost a daughter." The Way of War Current Involvement World Food Program
The United Nations
Nothern Uganda Special Action Fund ( NUSAF)

( McKinley2) The prevailing battle against the LRA Sudan finally lets the Ugandan Army in
The failed Peace talks
ICC announces the arrest warrant for Joseph Kony and 4 of his highest ranking officers on October, 2005 (pike 1)
Most involved organization is Invisible Children Tim Shortley was appointed the Senior Advisor for Resolution with Uganda by the US on July, 2007. Camps for Internally Displaced Persons (IPD)
Failed hope and optimism of the government anyway So, what should we do? A Country in Ruins Southern Uganda vs. Northern Uganda
Operation Iron Fist
"Where is the peace Operations Iron Fist was supposed to bring?"- Nelson Onon Onweng, an Anglican Bishop in Gulu ( Lacey2) The terror known as the Ugandan military The Arrest of Joseph Kony, rebel leader. Free the children and end the war Ugandan traditions clash with plans to end war
Mato Oput- a way to bury bitterness

How to rebuild The many programs of Invisible Children
Schools for Schools
The Bracelet Campaign
Second Phase of NUSAF: Peace Recovery and Development Plan (Kavuma 2)
3 steps: Livelihood Investment Support
Infrastructure Rehabilitations
Institutional Development

Benjamin Ogunia, corrdinator of Soroti district propsed $ 2,576,000 over 5 years.( Kavuma 2) Ideas from the people: An interview with John Baptist Odama, an archbishop in Gulu. " When two elephants fight, it is the grass beneath them that suffers." - Odama to Kony's second in command. (Anderson3)
Reconcilition among political, religious, and tribal groups.
Non-military involvement
Meaningful dialogue Odama stresses The Solution involved us. What are you going to do? Sources Cited "A country adrift, a president amiss." 14 February 2009. Student Resrouce Center-Gold Online. IMCPL
MSD PerryTownship. 5 February 2010.
" A History of Africa's Longest Running War. " Invisble Children.
2010. <http://www.invisiblechildren.com/about/history>. 9 February 2010. Allen, Tim. "Northern Uganda revisited." 2006. Student Resource Center-Gold. Online.
IMCPL MSD Perry Township. 5 February 2010. Anderson, George. "A voice for peace in Northern Uganda: an
interview with John Baptist Odama." 27 March 2006. Student Resource Center-Gold Online. IMCPL MSD Perry Township. 5 February 2010. " Bracelet Campaign." Invisible Children. 2010.
Bracelet_Campaign>. 2 March 2010. Jeffrey, Paul. " Hope for Uganda: in the wake of violence, a campaign for
forgiveness." 18 February 2008. Student Resource Center- Gold Online. IMCPL MSD Perry Township. 5 February 2010. Kavuma, Richard. "Nusaf: Developing Northern Uganda." 11 January 2010. Student Resource Center-Gold Online. IMCPL MSD Perry Township. 11 February 2010. Lacey, Marc. : Uganda's Terror crackdown multiplies the suffering." 4 August
2002. Student Resource Center- Gold Online. IMCPL MSD Perry Township. 5 February 2010. Mckinley, James. "Uganda's Rebels Revive war in North." New York Times on the Web. 1 April 2996. A3.5 February 2010.<http://www.nytimes.com/1996/04/01/world/uganda-s-christian-rebels-revive-war-in-north>. "Uganda Civil War." John Pike. 2000-2009 <www.globalsecurity.
org/military> 5 February 2010. "United Nations." Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th edition. New York, NY: Columbia University Press, 10/1/09. Wear, Rebecca." The Long wait for peace." August 2007. Student Resource Center-Gold Online. IMCPL MSD Perry Township. 5 February 2010. Archbishop John Baptist Odama Three Ugandan children, one of which wearing an Invisible Children shirt. A photo and book cover by Peter Eichstaedt " The War in northern Uganda has been called the most neglected humanitarian emergency in the world today."
- the Invisible Children website (invisiblechildren 1) Betty Bigombe, former minister in government, proposed this plan. (anderson4) " Peace won't come simply because the rebels return home."
-Matthew Ojara, a Preist in Kitgum (Jeffrey3)
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