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Drama Self Reflection

No description

Neha Farooqui

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Drama Self Reflection

How did you use the elements
of tableau to create meaning?
To create meaning, i used the elements of tableau
by using a lot of body posture and face emotion. My group and I had used body posture by surrounding the main person in the scene to show the audience whats happening in the tableau. We also faced the audience because they wouldn't understand what was happening if our backs were facing them. To show face emotion, we used expression to show what the feeling in our scene was and how each character in the tableau was feeling. The scene we had was the prison guard in the library and he was writing a story about his past with the writer even though it didn't last long. This means that the feeling of the scene was hope and happiness. So in the tableau, I was one of the people surrounding the main person and I felt curious about what the main person was writing about which makes me look over his shoulder but still having the feeling of hope & happiness.
How did you use movement to create
My group had used movement in this to create meaning by expressing our feelings that we had during the movement. The scene we had was the feeling of hope and happiness. So we all started off together with sad emotion and we then stepped up which shows our confidence and then we had opened our happiness together which made us look up to show our hope. I tried to look sad in the beginning and then happy in the ending because our movements didn't have to be so big and exciting but, they had to show hope in them.
What did you learn
about yourself during this unit?
A few things I learned about myself
during this unit are that I actually like
doing movement acts and i really have
lots of fun acting and doing tableau's.
I noticed that now because I've never
really done a movement like that and
I had lots of fun doing it. And in this unit,
its not really fun doing it alone and i enjoyed
doing it with my friends which made me like
it a lot more. I also learned that I am really good
with posture and staying frozen in a tableau. It
is actually really fun doing this which makes me
adore it a lot.
What does creating drama
teach you about real-life?
A few things that creating drama has
taught me is that two sides of something
would always have a different perspective
and a different story to it. I know this because
our class and another class are doing two different characters in the story and each character has a different side to it and it told a completely different story but it was the same. Both characters were similar in a way but we had to focus harder on our character which was the prison guard. Meaning, we had a different story to our character but it was the same book overall.
By: Neha :)
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