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Espresso Basics

No description

Will Frith

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Espresso Basics

Espresso Basics
5 Fundamentals
Brewing Temperature & Pressure
Temperature - 90-96º C/195-205º F
Pressure - 8-10 bar/116-145 psi
Learn as much as you can about coffee, Seed to Cup
Use Good Coffee
7 Steps to Preparation
1. wipe portafilter basket
2. grind and dose
3. level coffee
4. tamp coffee
5. wipe edges
6. flush group head
7. insert & brew
parameters (double)
dose: 14-22 grams
distribution: even
tamp: 7-14 kg/15-30 lb
time: 25-40 seconds
volume: 25-50 grams/45-75 ml/1.5-2.5 ounces
brewing pressure: 8-10 bar/116-145 psi
steaming pressure: 1-1.5 bar/14-22 psi
(some machines)
brew time
brew volume
pressure profile
Let's make some espresso!
Milk Steaming & Texturing
1. flush steam wand
2. wand in, valve on
3. aerate/foam (tip just below surface)
latte - 3 seconds
cappuccino - 3s-40ºc/100ºf
4. create whirlpool and heat milk
5. at 60-74ºc/140-165ºf, valve off
6. (ignore milk) wipe and flush wand
7. pop bubbles. swirl. pour
Clean, Fresh, Odor-free
TDS (4-4-2 conversion) - 150mg/L (acceptable range: 75-250mg/L)
Calcium Hardness - 4 Grains or 68mg/L (range: 1-5 G or 17-85mg/L)
Total Alkalinity - at or near 40mg/L
pH - 7.0 (range: 6.5-7.5)
Sodium - at or near 10mg/L
(from SCAA Water Quality Handbook)
- Ratio of Milk to Espresso; Foam to Liquid
- Steam Tip in Pitcher; Pour and Cup
- Steam Tip to Surface of Milk; Pour Spout to Surface of Drink
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