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Koreas Prezi


Ryan natal

on 23 February 2010

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Transcript of Koreas Prezi

The Koreas North Korea South Korea North Korea
South Korea North Korea The blue stripes represent sovereignty,peace, and friendship The red represents communsim The white represents purity and culture of the Korean people The red star is the recognized symbol of communism The flag symbolizes thought, and philosophy The Red, and Blue half symbolize unity The Yin-Yang symbolizes duality The four trigrams indicate duality also.
The 3 unbroken lines represent heaven
The 3 broken lines represent Earth
The 3 two broken lines separated by an unbroken line is the symbol of Water
The 3 symbolized by two unbroken lines separated by a broken line is fire the design of the flag came after the USSR and The US split up korea. The USSR occupied the North, while the US ocuppied the South National Anthem Phrase: Rose of Sharon, thousand miles of range and river land! Guarded by her people, ever may Korea stand! Year became a country: Population: Official Language: Korean Religion: 48% Buddhist 3% Confucian 47% Christian 47,983,000 1945 Land Featues: Mountains: Halla-San, and Kyebang-San Lake: P'aro Ho Rivers: Naktong, Pukhan, Han, and Kum Bodies of water: Sea of Japan, Yellow Sea, and Strait of Korea Ry and Tuck were Here Oh Yeah XD X_X Major Food: Bulgogi-marinated meat that is stir frie Naengmyon- cold beef soup Janjeo Gui- eel in sweet sauce Haemul Jeongol- chili seafood stew Major Sports- Tennis Baseball Wrestling Swimming Bull Riding Basketball Dance Major Festivals: Jeoungwol- on this day people plan for the new year and read fortunes Dano- women cut the roots of their hair and made them into hairpins to prevent headaches. This custom, also called Danojang, included washing hair in boiled water to add extra shine on hair.

Chuseok- people hold festivals, and worship under a full moon
Seol-nal (Lunar New Year)- Every year, family members make a grand pilgrimage to their hometowns. During the 3-day period, Seoul is almost deserted a most people leave the city to return to their ancestral roots Major Exports- Electronics Cars Machinery Transport Equipment Its tuckers sister Major Cities: Incheon Kwangju Pusan Seoul Taegu Taejeon Tourist Destinations: Seoul the caves of Danyang and Samcheok The Haeundae and Mallipo beaches Conflicts or Wars:
because North Korean troops invaded South Korea National Anthem National Anthem Phrase: Let morning shine on the silver and gold of this land,
Three thousand leagues packed with natural wealth.
My beautiful fatherland.
Year Became a Country: Population: 22,665,345 1945 Language: Korean Major Land Features: Yalu River Yellow Sea Sea of Japan Hamgyong Range Kwanmosan Peaks Rangim Mountains Kumgangsan Mountain Religion: Buddhism Confucianism Major Food: Mul Naengmyeon: the most popular noodle dish Samgyeopsal:Unseasoned pork bacon, from the stomach Kimchi-jjigae- Kimchi with spicy soy beans Bulgogi- thin beef slices marninated in soy sauce Major Sports: Tae-Kwon-Do Soccer Baseball Weight lifting Major Festivals: New Year's Day: January 1 Victory Day:July 27 Constitution Day: December 27 Major Exports/Crops: Rice Corn Wheat Potatoes Cattle Iron Ore Coal Major Cities and Tourist Destinations: Pyongyang HamHung Ch’ongjin the Port city Wonsan Diamond Mountains Korea Bay Sea of Japan Myohyangsan Mountains Both North and South Korea took place in the Korean War. This happened Thanks For Watching!!!!!! URLS where we got info: http://www.asiarooms.com/travel-guide/south-korea/culture-of-south-korea/south-korea-language.html
Soccer Awww, its a man hug
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